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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Computer Liquidation

Running a business these days is linked heavily to technology. Whether you operate a store or an online presence, chances are that you’re using several different electronics.

Running a business these days is heavily linked to technology. Whether you operate a store or an online presence, chances are that you’re using several different electronics. Laptops, desktop computers, and hardware can be utilized to derive a lot of value and benefit your business. Whether you have unwanted office electronics, are updating or downsizing your stock, relocating your business, or even raising capital from company assets, professional Toronto liquidation services can come in handy. Remember, liquidation isn’t a solution only for bankrupt companies. You could avail liquidation services to upgrade your gadgets and appliances, or even if you simply wanted to get rid of older electronic goods. Instead of discarding or auctioning off used electronics, use your surplus old machines to generate positive cash flow for your business.

  1. Online liquidation is a possibility In our line of work, we’ve noticed that customers often believe that liquidation is a lengthy process and that it needs to take place in store. Today, many liquidation experts will offer their services online, which allows you to manage your assets from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to deal with crowds or driving back and forth; you could make profits off your unwanted items through the click of a button.
  2. Realistic pricing will allow for higher profits It is unlikely that you will get what you paid for an item, even if it is brand new. There is a cost associated with re-selling, which is why the original price depreciates when you sell a product. However, if you’re realistic about its cost, you can expect fair returns. Assess your electronics before going to a liquidator, and try to value your item considering factors like age, wear and tear, and accessories.
  3. Your item doesn’t have to be fully operational Computer liquidation is great because you can tailor it according to the quality of the item you wish to sell. If you have incomplete systems or products that aren’t fully operational, don’t worry. Dead laptop batteries, damaged DVD ROMs, cracked screens, or damaged chargers do not mean you can’t get value for your items! There are liquidators who will help you get in touch with resellers that buy, refurbish, and resell computers.
  4. Electronic liquidation is eco-friendly When you sell your electronics to be liquidated, you can rest assured knowing that they will be handled in a sustainable manner. Look for liquidators who have eco-friendly policies and are mindful about the waste they produce. Electronics emit harmful chemicals and there are protocols to be followed when handling them. Proper disassembly before disposal allows for sustainability initiatives like reusing and recycling, and is better for the environment overall.
  5. You need to delete your data before liquidation It is important to delete your data when handing over your electronics for liquidation. Most of us have sensitive files on our devices and so must take important steps to protect our data. Many criminals are able to steal your personal information, passwords, and account details from old electronics, and they can obtain these if you sell, donate, or recycle your items.
  6. Keep your paperwork ready When selling an electronic item, you must be able to prove lawful ownership as well. Expert used-merchandise dealers will want to see receipts or a photo ID to ensure that they aren’t in possession of stolen or illegal property. Keep any proof of purchase safe and be sure to hand it over to the liquidator along with your electronics. This will greatly speed up the process and keep both the buyer and seller legally compliant.
  7. Items have a value scale Remember that although liquidators will accept products that don’t work properly, value is dependent on the quality of the item itself. You can get value even from fried hard drives or dead laptops, but the price you get drops depending on the cost of servicing or replacing that part. Similarly, if you still have accessories that the item came with, you could get an increased rate. Cables, manuals, and remotes, for example, increase the perceived value of the product and boost the price.

Don’t wait too late to sell your electronics. The sooner after purchase you sell, the more value you will get for your item. Reach out to us at Michaels Global Trading anytime to get an expert quote of the value your equipment holds. We offer quick payment, which allows you to further your business and de-clutter your electronics. To get a liquidation quote or find out more, call Michaels Global Trading today at 888-902-7531 or contact us here.

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