Office Asset Donation Services

Michaels Global Trading facilitates sustainable used office equipment and furniture donation services across Canada, embodying our commitment to giving back to the community.

One of the most beneficial ways to recycle old or unwanted office furniture is through donations. With many businesses, organizations, and individuals in need of furnishings, your office furniture donations can make a significant difference. While this service is not complimentary and incurs a service fee, Michaels Global Trading partners with the top local philanthropic organizations to ensure donations reach a worthwhile destination.

Across Canada, office spaces are equipped with a diverse range of furnishings, decorations and various other assets. Michaels Global Trading specializes in efficient and sustainable office furniture donation services across Toronto.

Office Equipment Donation

Michaels Global Trading is your dedicated partner for office electronics donation and office computer donation services across Ontario. Our dedicated team excels in the efficient organization, and donation of electronics, distinguishing between items worth retaining and those meant for donation. Donating is a quick, efficient way to streamline any move or downsizing endeavour.

Our Services

Office Furniture Donation Services

Michaels Global Trading offers office furniture donation services, extending a helping hand to businesses in Toronto seeking to contribute to their community while responsibly disposing of surplus furniture. Through our streamlined donation process, we facilitate the collection, transportation, and distribution of gently used office furniture to local charities and non-profit organizations. By partnering with us, businesses can effortlessly give back to those in need while reducing waste and environmental impact. Our dedicated team ensures that the donation process is seamless and hassle-free, allowing businesses to make a positive impact while freeing up valuable space on their office premises.

Office Furniture
We Donate

The type of furniture you may have in your office may differ. Michaels Global Trading works with businesses in a lot of different fields to donate used office furniture such as:

All Furnishings


Cubicles and Partitions

Lighting (Unless lighting was pre-installed)


Filing Cabinets

Don’t see your standard office assets on our list? No problem. We take on special requests and custom donations all the time.

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Our Services

Office Equipment Donation Services

Michaels Global Trading offers office equipment donation services as a sustainable solution for businesses in Toronto looking to repurpose their surplus equipment. With our extensive network of charitable organizations and nonprofits, we facilitate the donation process seamlessly, ensuring that your gently used office equipment finds new homes where it can continue to serve a purpose. Our team manages every aspect of the donation process, from coordinating pickup and transportation to handling all necessary documentation. By choosing our donation services, businesses not only contribute to social responsibility initiatives but also minimize environmental impact by diverting equipment from landfills.

Office Equipment
We Donate

The type of equipment you may have in your office may differ. Michaels Global Trading works with businesses in a lot of different fields to donate used office equipment such as:

Residual Debris

Copy/ Fax/ Printer Machines

Telephone/ VOIP Setups

Network/ Server Setups

Computers/ Laptops/ Monitors

Mobile Devices


Security Systems

Office Equipment

Don’t see your standard office assets on our list? No problem. We take on special requests and custom donations all the time.

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Benefits of Office Furniture and
Office Equipment  Donation Services

By making a donation, your business can demonstrate to partners and clients that it is socially and environmentally conscious. Schools, libraries, community centres, homeless shelters, and other organizations can greatly benefit from using donated office furniture. Aside from the satisfaction that comes from helping others, there are several benefits to donating office furniture and office equipment, such as:


Eco-Friendly Disposal

There are many regulations across Canada regarding the recycling and disposal of office supplies, particularly those with electronic components. As you get rid of unwanted office furniture, it’s important to consider your carbon footprint on the planet. Donating to organizations in need cuts landfill waste and avoids the complicated laws for breaking down and disposing of office furniture and equipment parts.


Supporting Local Charities

Charities work as not-for-profit organizations, meaning they don’t earn an income doing what they do for the community and those less fortunate. This creates small budgets for the work they do. Your donation of office furniture could make a huge difference in the lives of those they support, with little to no cost to the charity themselves. In this way, you help local charities continue the work they do, allowing your community to thrive and grow.


Community Influence

Brand identity and brand community presence are huge advantages for any business. When you donate, no matter how much, your community takes notice. Companies that provide for the less fortunate make waves in local news and create positive associations for their brands. Donations lead to acknowledgement, even if only through social media and positive reviews. When local charities and organizations favour your businesses, it reflects well on you as a business owner. This gets your name out there and encourages other locals to use your products and services in the future.


Avoid Legal Liability

The disposal of office furniture and equipment requires knowledge of local laws. Some items may not be tossed away as is. Certain types of technology, lighting, and even metals must be disposed of through regulated methods. When you work with a professional office furniture donation service to give away unwanted supplies, you avoid the legal liability of improper disposal.


Fundraising Options for Locals

Donating office furniture doesn’t need to come down to a need for office supplies; it could be that the organization you donate to can use unwanted equipment for fundraising purposes. Whether an auction or contest, helping local groups fundraise is a worthwhile cause.


Reduced Clutter

Donating used office furniture or equipment not only makes you feel good but also gets rid of surplus items taking up space in your office. As you declutter, you create a more productive and positive workspace for your employees. More companies across Canada are choosing to work with a minimalist theme, embracing open spaces. Decluttering also lessens hidden dust, debris, and germs, reducing the risk of illness and helping to keep your office clean.

Trying to manage donations on your own can be daunting. Working with a professional donation service like Michaels Global Trading removes the hassle of sourcing worthy recipients and dealing with the red tape involved. Our expert office furniture donation network has the contacts to make sure your office equipment and furniture find a new home where they are needed, whether it be a school or a charity.

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Why Do Companies Partner With
Michaels Global Trading?

When considering the advantages of professional donation services, particularly for wholesale, office furniture or equipment donations, Michaels Global Trading stands out for several reasons:

Outdated/Obsolete Equipment

Office equipment has an expiration date, like most other items. Depending on the type of equipment, it may live longer than others. A LAN, for example, may last up to 15 years, while a typical PC will last only 5-8 years. If your equipment has become outdated, we can help you properly dispose of it so you have space for the latest technology.

Attention to Detail

Michaels Global Trading is a professional office furniture and equipment donation company. We pride ourselves on the three C’s, being careful, clean, and cautious. Our goal is always to leave your worksite immaculate. Whether we are emptying the entire site of furnishings, equipment, and debris or removing only specified items, our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.

Knowledge of Equipment

Michaels Global Trading’s experienced team is up to date with the digital sector for new information on office furniture and equipment or upgrades. Not only do we familiarize ourselves with what each piece of technology does, but we also know how long it lasts and whether it is worth appraising.

Disposal Guidelines

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, twenty-five U.S. states have laws about technology disposal, especially regarding cathode ray tubes. Environment Canada has similar expectations. Michaels Global Trading is familiar with laws and regulations across Canada, ensuring your company isn’t hit with any liability suits or fines regarding office equipment removal, resale or donation.

Equipment Change

Has your company partnered with a brand exclusively or gone through a merger? Michaels will sort through the off-branded equipment and get it out of your premises. Company mergers mean office equipment or furniture is coming together from two separate businesses. If you have more than you need, it makes sense to donate unnecessary items. This is where Michael’s Global Trading can help.

Eco-Friendly Donation

As a proud Canadian company, we go the extra mile to minimize our carbon footprint. Michaels Global Trading is dedicated to providing eco-friendly donation services, emphasizing recycling and reusing whenever feasible for sustainable wholesale or office furniture and office technology donations.

Whatever the reason may be for your change, you can count on Michaels Global Trading to help you with office equipment and office furniture donation and removal.

Our 4 Step Process

How it Works


Initial Contact

To begin we need images and an inventory list of office equipment and furniture donation assets. We'll then discuss your expectations, timetables, and our comprehensive range of services. For added convenience, we can conduct a walkthrough of your office.



After assessing the property, we propose the best wholesale, electronic, or office furniture donation strategy tailored to your office needs. In some cases, we can swiftly offer a competitive removal quote for your office.



Once we agree on the course of action, we meticulously plan the project. This involves negotiating wholesale, equipment, electronic, and office furniture donation agreements, determining logistics, setting dates, and establishing donation methods.



Our experienced team carefully executes the necessary stages for wholesale, electronic, equipment or furniture donations. Payments are efficiently handled during this final stage, ensuring a smooth and tailored process for your Canadian-based business.


Michaels Global Trading helps businesses across as they liquidate their office furniture, IT equipment, construction equipment, and more!

Amanda Gardan

The team did a great job removing our old office furniture and helping us move some of our bigger pieces to our new office space. They were efficient, courteous and helpful!

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Nice team! Friendly and efficient service.


Extremely fast and efficient service!! We were pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend Michaels Global Trading! We will definitely order from them again in the future.

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Great work, amazing service, and on-time delivery.

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Good communication and very detailed!

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Work was performed on time and with dedication and efficiency.

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Very efficient and professional. Will definitely look to them again if another situation comes up!

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We got an amazing deal and the service was even better. Very professional team of hard workers! My staff and I were very pleased.

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This group of guys are fabulous! Great customer service. Respectful, quick service. Will be using them for all future projects.

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Michaels Global Trading did an excellent job, removing all unwanted furniture from our office. I highly recommend this company. They are very efficient and professional!

V Krishna Chaitanya

I'm happy with the services provided by MGT, they are very responsive and effective in terms of managing the move, glad we chose them.

Jade Spilchen-Downie

Marlon and his fantastic team know just how to get a job done. They are the definition of efficient and professional! Would highly recommend MGT.

Megan Lewry

Marlon was responsive and very professional. The movers turned up on time and were very quick.

Hannah McLeod

I used Marlon and his team for a corporate office decommission of 25,000 sq.ft. They were friendly, professional, and finished the job early. I highly recommend!!

Amanda Gardonyi

The team did a great job removing our old office furniture and helping us move some of our bigger pieces to our new office space. They were efficient, courteous and helpful!

Donna Eden

We recently worked with Michaels Global Trading as our office is downsizing and we needed to liquidate furniture. Their team was extremely helpful, professional, and service-oriented. I was very impressed. Highly recommend them.

Robert Crowder

Excellent service. On time and on budget. Polite professional staff. I would highly recommend Michaels Global Trading.

A Dhama

Excellent experience from initial communication, all the way through the decommission. Marlon and his team were friendly, efficient, and did an overall exceptional job. Would absolutely recommend!

Nate Miller

MGT did a fantastic job clearing out my office space. They are fast, efficient and very careful. Their quotes are better than the rest, so I highly recommend that you give them a call!

Odelia Hoey

We worked with Michael's Global Trading during our recent office move. Marlon and his team were extremely professional - communication was prompt and everything ran smoothly on the day.

Kevin Dam

We had an office lease that was coming to an end, and with the pandemic / employees WFH since March 2020 - we decided to not renew the lease. We outsourced the office decommissioning process to Michaels Global Trading.

Stacey Parsons

I recently worked with Michael’s Global Trading to liquidate furniture and complete an office move within the downtown core. Marlon was professional and very accommodating with all of our timeline changes.

Ana Noriega

Michaels Global Trading is the best company that you can hire to do your moving. They offer amazing services and their team is incredible. Definitely, I will hire them again in the future. Highly recommended!

James Yip

Working with MGT was a fantastic experience. Even though MGT primarily focuses on acquiring office equipment, Marlon (their...

Jaspreet Dhaliwal

It was because of Marlon’s pleasant personality that I first chose Michaels Global Trading. Since then, each move went very smooth. Michaels Global Trading is an organization of professionals who will make your move go smoothly.

Mechelle Waite

Decommissioning an office space would not have been so easy if it was not for Marlon and his team who were all-around professionals!

Ava Paulin

We had an amazing experience with Michaels Global Trading. Marlon and his entire team were great to work with and made the move/dismantle seamless. I highly recommend them for any relocation, removing, or moving services.

Jo-Anne Hebert

Michaels Global Trading delivered as promised, on time, and in a very professional manner. Marlon was very thorough and took surprise additional requests in stride. I would recommend their decommissioning services without hesitation.

Annie Feng

We were liaising with Marlon to clear out our office space, and he and his team are so good at what they do. We highly recommend this service provider!

Trisha Whitney

MGT did a fantastic job clearing out my office space. They are fast, efficient and very careful. Their quotes are better than the rest, so I highly recommend that you give them a call!

Anthony C

Marlon and his crew did a 10,000 sq ft office move and decommissioning job for me. It went smoothly with no surprises. I would recommend Marlon to anyone who needs a referral. Great job Marlon!

Michelle Edwards-Boldt

We were very pleased with the excellent service Marlon and his team provided for us with our recent office decommission.

Shaynna Aguiar

Our law firm hired Michaels Global Trading to move from one office to the other. Marlon and his crew were very efficient and professional in making sure we had everything we need to go through a smooth move.

Elena Cealaia

We used Michael Global Trading services for our end-of-lease decommissioning of our downtown office. Marlon was very responsive, punctual and EFFICIENT! He knew right away what are the usual steps and best practices.

Pamela Kennedy

We used Michael's Global Trading to empty an office space - 4 floors - of a lot of old furniture and office supplies. They were awesome!! On time, efficient, polite, and professional. I would recommend Marlon and his team to anyone needing.

Anja S

Marlon and his team were great! We had a big office to disassemble in a short amount of time. The job was done well and as promised. Marlon was very accommodating and was able to work around some unexpected issues we had. I would highly recommend this company. Great service!

Irina Dar

Marlon and his team were on time and ready to work. They provided decommissioning and relocation service. Decommissioning included destruction of old Hard Drives, Server removal, De-cabling, Inventory and general cleanup.

Amelia Sandrini

We had a great experience with Michaels Global Trading Company. They are all very professional and kind people. We will be doing business with them again in the future for sure!

Talina V

Marlon and team were seamless to work with during our office move. Would recommend their services!

Chantel Guthrie

MGT is an extremely professional service. From the initial inquiry call to the follow-up and arrangements for the day of service. The team is friendly and gets the job done with extreme efficiency and in very good time! Highly recommend!

Ashifa Alibhai

I had quite a positive experience with Marlon and his team. There were prompt follow-ups to my inquiries and accommodations made where possible. It was a pleasure dealing with Michaels Global Trading.

Kristina A

We enjoyed working with Michaels Global Trading when our company decided to close one of its offices and clear out some furniture. The assistance we received from Marlon and his team was exceptional.

Kris Hudson

Entire team was fantastic to work with, great experience. Cleared out our huge office in Pickering in one day, were professional and went the extra mile! Would use again in a heartbeat.

Heidi Peterson

Michaels Global Trading was an absolute pleasure to work with! They were quick to respond to our initial inquiry, courteous, very professional at all times, attentive to detail, thorough, and on top of everything.

Daniel Puckett

Marlon and his teams are fantastic! He has never let me down, shows up when he says he will, does what he says he will. Have been his client for projects in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto/Mississauga and even called him for a small project.

Joanne Devlin

Thanks MGT! The CEO, Marlon, was very professional, always prompt when replying to our emails or calls. Marlon and his crew were thorough and extremely organized. From the moment they entered the office, there was no doubt they'd do a great job.

Linda L.

Marlon and Michaels Global Trading made the closing down of our offices really easy. Marlon and the whole team were friendly, professional, punctual, and super efficient.

Marina Dantas

I had an outstanding experience with Michaels Global Trading for my office furniture removal project. Their professionalism, efficiency, and flexibility were unparalleled.

Corie Bannister

Michaels Global Trading was instrumental in our office reconfiguration project. A great vendor to work with - professional, responsive, and organized. The entire crew was courteous, proficient, and ensured there was minimal impact.

Richard Fu

We recently hired Marlon and his crew to manage our office decommission task. The overall experience is very good. They always show up on time. Marlon and his coworkers are very polite and professional.



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Michaels Global Trading helps businesses across as they liquidate their office furniture, IT equipment, construction equipment, and more!

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