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Sell Your Used Office Furniture

sell used office furnitureIf you are planning to relocate or close your office, you might find yourself with some leftover furniture that you no longer need. Be it chairs, filing cabinets, or tables; you might wonder how to get rid of the excess furniture without affecting the environment.

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After all, keeping the unwanted inventory can make the relocation process difficult and make the office look very cluttered. Luckily, there are various ways by which offices can get rid of old furniture in a sustainable manner. Here’s how:

Selling the Old Office Furniture

Instead of sending the old furniture to the dump, you can always sell your used office furniture to philanthropic organizations, individuals, or other companies that need it. After all, individuals and organizations are always looking for affordable ways to get furniture items.

Donate it

If you ever wonder, “should I sell my used office furniture?” but the idea doesn’t fascinate you, you can always donate it to local non-profit organizations. Charities and philanthropic organizations are regularly on the hunt for furniture, but they cannot afford to pay a lot. In this way, donating can help you spread community goodwill while getting rid of unused furniture. MGT can help you to donate your old office furniture to non-profit organizations.

Recycle the old furniture

Another way to not sell your old office furniture but to get rid of it is by recycling the items. Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly decisions for the overall community. It is particularly useful for items that are beyond repair or use. Dumping will only lead to the items slowly decomposing in the environment and resulting in the spread of harmful greenhouse gasses and toxic chemicals. Accordingly, recycling can be a very eco-friendly choice.

Types of Office Furniture We Specialize In

Michaels Global Trading works with a variety of industries and specializes in numerous types of furniture, including:

  • Desks
  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Cubicles and Partitions
  • Shelving
  • E-waste
  • Filing Systems
  • Lightning
  • Tables

Our team also specializes in cleaning entire business suites, so you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy items or cleaning the trash. In this way, you can truly leave the space for good. We are a team of experienced professionals that have partnered with various organizations across North America.

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Brainhunter Systems Ltd
Brainhunter Systems Ltd

BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! That’s how we would describe Michaels Global Trading. They took all the headaches for our office move, decommissioning office cubicle, and did everything at a great price. They planned everything ahead of time and were on time to finish the job. Marlon, Mario, and team were extremely professional. They were fast to respond, fair in prices, and extremely service oriented. We would recommend them to companies who are planning an office move or decommissioning office furniture or equipment. – Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Gameloft Toronto
Gameloft Toronto

We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!

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