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Medical Equipment Decommissioning and Liquidation in Canada


Working in the healthcare industry is a fulfilling experience, but decommissioning a medical office is a big job. Unlike general office spaces full of desks, chairs, and cubicles, medical centers host a plethora of specialty equipment which must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local bylaws.

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At Michaels Global Trading, we work with businesses across a variety of industries, including medical professionals. With years of experience decommissioning healthcare centers, our team has the tool and knowledge necessary to organize, disassemble, and dispose of your medical equipment with ease.

Our job is to streamline your office move, merger, downsize, or closure, so you can focus on bigger things.

Types of Medical Equipment We Manage

Medical offices have a large collection of specialty devices and supplies. Some of the items in your office may be reused, recycled, or resold, while others should be disposed of separately. Michaels Global Trading helps disassemble and break down items which can be used again, or sold for parts, ensuring you get the most possible return on your investment.

Types of medical equipment we are familiar with, include:

  • Gurneys
  • Stretchers
  • MRI machines
  • CT machines
  • X-ray machines
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Surgical equipment
  • Examination tables
  • Specialty lighting
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Filing systems
  • Computer equipment
  • Storage devices
  • Security systems
  • Waiting room furnishings

We also help with the removal of disposable equipment and supplies, ensuring biomaterials are appropriately dispensed with.

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What Can Be Done With Decommissioned Medical Equipment?

While some types of medical equipment must be disposed of, others may be reused. There are various repurposing methods for decommissioned medical equipment, including:

  • Donation Donating unwanted or unneeded medical supplies to charities, local organizations, or smaller medical practices in need is a fulfilling experience. Not only do you give to those with less, but you rid your office of clutter without worrying about recycle and disposal laws.
  • Liquidation/Resale If you’re closing your office, or the supplies you have are not necessary anymore, liquidation or resale are options to gain back some of your monetary investment. At Michaels Global Trading we offer professional appraisal services, providing evaluations on fair market value, orderly liquidation value, or forced liquidation value, depending on your situation and time frame.
  • Recycling – Recycling is an eco-friendly waste management solution, providing a greener tomorrow for future medical practices and patients. There are many types of medical equipment that can be recycled. Even some of the larger equipment can be broken down and parts recycled or reused. Any items with glass, metal, and wiring should be thoroughly inspected to ensure they are properly recycled.
  • Disposal Finally, when all other options are exhausted, medical furnishings and equipment can be disposed of. As mentioned above, it is important to be cautious about medical equipment disposal, researching local bylaws on medical waste management and e-waste management before tossing anything into the landfill.

How equipment is dealt with as you clear your medical office is entirely up to you. Our team will help by appraising any items you wish to resell or liquidate. We can also guide you in the appropriate handling of donations and disposals.

Why Work With Michaels Global Trading?

Sell Your Medical Equipment With Michaels Global Trading

Michaels Global Trading partners with top buyers and sellers across North America. We have experience in medical equipment resale and liquidation and are familiar with recycle and disposal laws in all the cities we serve across North America. It’s our job to be in the know about medical waste regulations, so you can focus more time and energy on managing your new office or retiring from your current one.

Along with a knowledgeable and experienced staff, medical offices who choose to work with Michaels gain benefits such as:

  • Thorough decommissioning – Leasing a medical office means a contractual obligation to leave the office as specified in your contract. This usually means bare walls, bare floors, and no debris. Michaels Global Trading has in-depth knowledge of everything from shelf disassembly to unwiring your network setup. We will help you meet contract requirements and deadlines head-on.
  • Local bylaw knowledge – Being a local office disposal and liquidation company, Michaels is familiar with local bylaws in the areas we service. We work with you to ensure no legal issues ensue following the disposal of any medical equipment in your office.
  • Quick and efficient services – While there are likely many tasks within a medical office move that you could take on yourself, hiring a professional team provides the quick efficient hands of an experienced mover. Our team manages medical offices of all shapes and sizes and can clear your space, quickly, carefully, and discreetly, giving you more time to focus on your career.
  • Medical equipment expertise – All medical equipment has a purpose and a lifespan. We familiarize ourselves with all major equipment within a standard medical practice so we can better service our clients in resale and liquidation. By knowing what we are decommissioning from your office, we can properly appraise and assist with refurbishing, resale, or recycling.
  • Professional appraisals – Not only do we pride ourselves on our decommissioning expertise, but we also offer certified appraisals. Our professional appraisal services include thorough research, checking online journals, local market values, and our own records to ensure that you get a fair price on your medical office supplies.

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Michaels Global Trading has been serving businesses and medical offices across North America for nearly a decade. With a staff of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that whatever your reason for working with Michaels, we will do our best to meet your individual needs with a bespoke plan for decommission and return on investment.

Interested in learning more about Michaels Global Trading and our team of experienced medical office decommissioning professionals? We invite you to contact us at 1-888-902-7531.

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Brainhunter Systems Ltd
Brainhunter Systems Ltd

BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! That’s how we would describe Michaels Global Trading. They took all the headaches for our office move, decommissioning office cubicle, and did everything at a great price. They planned everything ahead of time and were on time to finish the job. Marlon, Mario, and team were extremely professional. They were fast to respond, fair in prices, and extremely service oriented. We would recommend them to companies who are planning an office move or decommissioning office furniture or equipment. – Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Gameloft Toronto
Gameloft Toronto

We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!


Does medical equipment that can't be liquidated get donated?

That depends on the type of equipment. Donating equipment can be the last course of action if it cannot be resold in our current market or exported overseas.

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