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Why Unwanted IT Assets Should Be Recycled

Reputable companies update their IT department with the latest technologies regularly. Each year these businesses build up redundant IT and electronic equipment they may never use again.

Reputable companies update their IT department with the latest technologies regularly. Each year, these businesses accumulate redundant IT and electronic equipment that they may no longer use. Eventually, some of these companies need to dispose of their redundant IT equipment.

A safe and eco-friendly way of IT equipment removal businesses should adopt is recycling. Additionally, there are several other reasons to recycle unwanted IT assets, including:

  • To Protect Sensitive Data: Before disposing of IT equipment, most businesses ensure that delicate files are deleted and the equipment is returned to factory settings. However, this method doesn't always remove all data, leaving sensitive information vulnerable. Recycling involves using professional data wiping systems to clean appliances, preventing data breaches.
  • Legal Compliance: Many states and provinces have banned using landfills and incineration for disposing of IT equipment due to hazardous materials. Recycling is a secure, reliable, and eco-friendly method of waste disposal, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • To Save Money: Companies can generate extra revenue from unwanted IT equipment, especially when working with reputable disposal companies. These companies not only recycle IT devices but also help sell them for reasonable prices.
  • Recycling Conserves Energy: Recycling IT equipment helps save significant amounts of energy and conserves natural resources. The energy saved from recycling yearly can power about 14 million homes, contributing to environmental sustainability. Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials in manufacturing new IT equipment, conserving resources like metals, water, and oil.

When disposing of unwanted IT equipment, consider working with Michaels Global Trading, a top IT equipment removal company in Canada. They offer top-notch decommissioning and liquidation services, efficiently managing office equipment for various businesses. Contact Michaels Global Trading to book an appointment and responsibly dispose of your unwanted IT assets.

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