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Tips for a Successful Office Move

If you need to move offices, the whole process can be simple if you are properly organized. Since there can be many unknowns and steps to follow, moving can be more complicated than originally thought.

If you need to move offices, the whole process can be simple if you are properly organized. Since there can be many unknowns and steps to follow, moving can be more complicated than originally thought. Here are some of the top practices and the most helpful tips for an office move.

Plan as Early as Possible

Like any move, changing from one office space to another means carefully planning from the beginning. For example, determine your employees’ tasks for the move. If you don’t plan properly, you could find yourself in a more stressful situation and have difficulty locating your items.

You’ll also want to get a sense of what the new office is like and its layout. If possible, get a copy of the blueprint and think about where everything will need to go. As for the timeline, start a few months ahead of time for the planning stages, and then use the last two months for the setup itself. Also, consider the moving budget within your planning.

Choose the Right Mover

Hiring the right mover will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. To find the best moving company, you must do the adequate research.

Be sure to get at least three quotes from professional movers in the Toronto area. An office move can become quite costly, so the more quotes, the better. If your budget allows it, hire a full service moving team; that way, you don’t have to worry about packing, loading, and unloading. Word of mouth is also a powerful referral, so you can ask other professionals who they have hired for their moves and if they recommend them. Finally, be sure that the moving company is licensed and insured. Here is a list of qualified movers in the Toronto area.

Organize Carefully for the IT Department

One of the most challenging aspects of an office move is having to disconnect and then reconnect your tech devices. However, when you organize carefully, this process can run smoothly.

First, ensure that the IT department plans to transfer all the equipment once they know the moving date. They should create a plan for items like computers, services, phones, and Internet plans. Since this step has to be done within your team, it’s best to organize it earlier in the moving process. Also, if there is office equipment that needs to be disposed of, make sure you go about doing so correctly.

Label Boxes Properly

Even though labelling boxes are essential for any move, it is especially true when moving offices. To ensure everything goes as planned, label each box so you don’t waste time searching for any critical missing items.

Only Bring What’s Necessary

Even if you feel that you need to bring everything from the office, get rid of any unnecessary items, especially ones that take up a lot of space. For the large needed items, check the office’s dimensions and plan for where you could put them. If the new office doesn’t have space for everything you currently have, it’s good to know what you can leave behind.

Transport Small Items Yourself

Since moving day can be hectic, you can bring smaller, more personal items to the office yourself. This makes it easier for the movers, and for a simpler setup process.

Update Documents with the New Address

Get ahead of your documents and make the switch to your new address as soon as possible. For example, order new letterheads, business cards, envelopes, etc., once you learn your new address.

Give your clients and customers a heads-up, especially those that ship items to you. With your documents updated, it’s one less thing to think about when you move into your new office.

Now Relax and Enjoy!

An office move can take its toll on your staff, so it’s important to celebrate and enjoy your new space. You could throw a staff party or a celebratory lunch to say thanks and boost morale. Your employees will feel appreciated, and it will make for a positive fresh new start at your next location.

Even though moving offices takes a lot of work and patience, it’s usually for the better. By planning ahead as much as possible, you will avoid several headaches and keep your operation running smoothly.

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