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Simple Ways to Design Your Office Space

There has never been a better time to upgrade your office and motivate your employees to work harder and faster, while also boosting morale and retention rates.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your office and motivate your employees to work harder and faster, while also boosting morale and retention rates. Millennials want to feel like they are a part of something greater. You can help them reach higher levels of excellence by designing an office space that encourages collaboration.

Add Greenery

Adding a few plants can go a long way, and you can make some space for your new plants by removing old or unused office equipment. You could add an aloe plant to your work desk, a peace lily in a corner, or a cactus or two on a few shelves strewn about the office. The choice is yours, as adding any form of plant life to an office can imbue the space with rejuvenating energy.

Their powers extend beyond the aesthetic realm. Plants can help purify the air in the office by removing toxins and adding rich and breathable oxygen to the atmosphere. Some people even believe that plants can serve as good luck charms, and they are also pretty low maintenance, which is a bonus.

At the end of the day, adding some plants to the office can foster a tranquil environment that reduces stress around the office. And perhaps adding a money plant or two can bolster your luck and help improve your financial prospects in the not-too-distant future.

Upgrade Quickly and Often

While you’re at it, you can upgrade your office space by adding desks that increase your productivity, while also maximizing comfort and proper posture. Given the fact that your desk is essentially your HQ, it needs to maximize productivity instead of hinder it.

You could opt for a wooden desk from the Barrington series, which has taken the office industry by storm in 2019. We would especially recommend a desk from their series if you are the type of person that struggles with scattered office supplies or papers. They are the perfect solution if you are looking for something that will keep your vital files and supplies nice and organized.

They even have additional options for storage should you need some extra space in the future as your responsibilities and team expand. They are also known for their ultra-sophisticated look, which may make you or your team feel more professional at work.

Comfortable Seating

While having a superb office desk is very important, it is arguably even more important to have a quality office chair to sit in. You will spend roughly 8 hours sitting in your work chair. You must have a chair that will help reduce the risk of back pain or other injuries that can force you to take time off to recover. Give the Work Smart Thin Profile Chair a try, as its postmodern look will add some much-needed panache to your office. All while providing the ergonomic support that you need.

If comfort is your top priority, then the Overtime Ergonomic Chair may be better suited for your needs. This boasts an independent angle adjustment should you need it as well as a state-of-the-art memory foam top that is second to none. We would recommend it if you are the type of person who works late and needs something that will keep you comfortable for 10+ hours a day.

Don’t forget to get outdoors for fresh air while the weather is still warm. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. While it is important to be comfortable at your desk, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. You should try and go for brisk walks to get your blood circulation flowing as intended.

Illuminate Your Office

The last thing you want is to work in an office that is drab and lifeless. A poorly lit office space can make employees lethargic, depressed, and even apprehensive. Try and imbue your office with as much natural light as possible. Add windows, vents and mirrors to help bring natural light into the office, which may boost mood, and subsequently your productivity and the productivity of your staff as well.

Eye strain is also something that you want to avoid. A dark office will force your eyes to work overtime, which may lead to fatigue and headaches in due time. If you work in an office where artificial light is an absolute must, then you can compensate by complementing your light fixtures with corner lamps or affordable desk lamps. You may want to buy a sun lamp for the office during those melancholy winter months, which are designed to emulate natural light to help elevate mood and energy levels.

For more ideas and information about designing your office space, call Micheal’s Global Trading at 888-471-5066 or contact us here.

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