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Office Furniture Trends to Look out for This Year

With the advent of a new year comes the desire to update one’s office space. Many companies will look to the latest office design trends to ensure that they are competitive, while also doing everything in their power to boost employee morale and retain their clientele.

With the advent of a new year comes the desire to update one’s office space. Many companies will look to the latest office design trends to ensure that they are competitive, while also doing everything in their power to boost employee morale and retain their clientele. Here, our focus will be on office furniture trends to look out for this year, and why opting for the services of office furniture liquidators may help you achieve your design goals without breaking the bank.

The Rise of All Things Biophilic

For those unaware, biophilic design refers to the use of outdoor elements indoors. In other words, a designer may suggest that an office place some moss, trees, dirt, plants, and rocks indoors. Perhaps a koi pond can be placed in the foyer, or a modular planter wall in the reception area may fit the bill nicely. Here, the only limit is your creativity, as you can add a dizzying array of colour combinations and divide up spaces as you see fit. Or, you can also try installing a planter box with a tambour storage unit instead. By doing so, employees can enjoy some nice greenery adjacent to their cubicle or workstation, while not impeding or consuming any valuable space in the process. The end result is that you will be able to enjoy the perfect balance in terms of aesthetics and pragmatics. In fact, you may be able to lower the amount of ambient noise that is being generated in the office by incorporating a biophilic approach to your office and its furniture.

The Demand for Flexibility

Growth is an inevitable part of any rising company, and the same can be said of start-ups. That is, many start-ups start small, but with the right know-how and gumption will quickly grow and expand, requiring the need for new furniture. However, by the time many start-ups order new furniture and try to have it erected in their office, they quickly realize that they don’t have sufficient room to accommodate everything. As such, many companies are currently on the lookout for furniture that can accommodate flexible office layouts. In other words, furniture items should be flexible enough that additions can be made to them without breaking a sweat. Moreover, new furniture should be designed in a way that makes it easy to reconfigure to adapt to changing spatial needs in an office space.

The Need for Team Cohesion Inspiring Furniture

It goes without saying that any business will rise or fall based on its collaborative efforts, so the only way that your office will perform all of its duties well is if everyone on staff is on the same page. As such, many organizations will need furniture that actually inspires co-workers to get together and brainstorm new ideas. A current trend that is taking the corporate world by storm is hot-desking. As such, workers who do not have a designated work area or station must have other spaces in the office where they can work unencumbered. In other words, today’s companies are looking for an office space for nearly every office task or project imaginable. For instance, if an employee needs to work on a project by themselves, then they should be able to access a workstation without issue. Or, if a few workers need to get together to brainstorm ideas, then they should have a motion meeting booth to converse in. As for larger teams, they may require a large meeting table for something formal, or they can opt for stools that can easily be moved around for quick, informal Q&A sessions.

Wood is Good

It seems the “old is gold” mentality is making a comeback in 2020. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason seems to stem from the rising need for environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, many modern offices are built with whiteboard drywall and tend to be filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of metal cubicles. However, 2020 will see a shift toward eco-friendly furniture and design layouts, as companies want to attract new clients and top talent by being more eco-conscious. As such, expect more building interior designs to include natural accents as well as woodwork that is sustainably sourced. In fact, expect wood to be used for walls, accents, floors, and countertops in order to help imbue offices with an undeniable charm and organic ambiance. The goal is to help make offices feel more welcoming and tranquil for both workers and clients, whereas most offices built in the last few years have used sterile and postmodern accents and features.

Create a Feeling of Community While Working at the Office

Many experts agree that companies perform most of their work in the digital realm today, with a recent study finding that 7 out of 10 workers work remotely at least once per week and that 5 out of 10 work remotely two or more days per week. As a result, companies will need to redesign their offices to motivate employees to want to work in the office instead of at home. To do so, offices must be more entertaining and comfortable for employees, and they should be designed to reflect the shared values of the workforce. As well, they should promote feelings of comfort, tranquillity, and community. For instance, some companies in 2020 have already started working on adding comfortable and ergonomic furniture to their offices, as well as game rooms, fitness rooms, spas, showers, fireplaces, bars, rock walls, and even restaurants to their offices.

In sum, some of the office design trends to look for in 2020 include collaborative environments, home-style fixtures, plush and soft elements, warm and welcoming office spaces, organic accent details, and biomorphic patterns and forms.

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