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Modern Office Design: How Do Cubicles Fit?

When many people think of office cubicles, they think of mundane and bland rows of cubicles with melancholy fluorescent lighting. In the past, cubicles were used to try and fit as many people into an office as possible.

When many people think of office cubicles, they think of mundane and bland rows of cubicles with melancholy fluorescent lighting. In the past, cubicles were used to try and fit as many people into an office as possible. Maximizing volume was the priority instead of the comfort of the workers.

However, the designers of the first cubicles intended for them to be private workstations where workers could work with minimal distractions, help maximize individuality, autonomy, and privacy, and which would also lead to better mental and physical health.

In any event, those looking for office equipment for sale may be wondering if cubicles fit into modern office design. We will, therefore, explore this question further in this article.

What’s the Difference Between Workstations and Cubicles?

The good news is those looking for office filing cabinets for sale will be happy to know that there have been some marked changes in the cubicle design space in recent years. That is, many recent studies have found that one’s work environment has a significant impact on one’s mood, health, morale, and quality of work.

As such, employers have started to make great strides in maximizing the comfort levels of workers in order to boost employee morale, which is also believed to reduce turnover rates and augment productivity.

For instance, studies have found that natural light can help boost an employee’s productivity, as can the ability to see out of windows. Being surrounded by plants can further help boost productivity levels, and workspaces that are configured to meet a person’s unique contours have also been shown to increase worker satisfaction and productivity levels.

Today, a top priority for many employers is to help promote employee wellness, and one fairly easy way to boost employee morale and health is to allow them to use ergonomic furniture while they work, as well as making sure that the work environment is warm and welcoming.

In sum, cubicles are increasingly being known as workstations, and their design has gone through some drastic changes over the last few years by creating more flexible and collaborative workspaces, while also integrating plants and window views into their design scheme.

Are Cubicles Still Affordable Despite Recent Design Changes?

Some workstations may come with several different options for customization, which may cause the price to go up. Brand new cubicles will also usually cost more than pre-owned cubicles from, say, a company that has liquidated its assets due to a foreclosure.

Hence, if the price is an issue, then we would suggest that you opt for cubicles that have been previously owned, or cubicles that have been refurbished or remanufactured by a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer.

Different Cubicle Designs to Choose From

Some established enterprises will be willing to pay a premium to enjoy a wide range of configuration options, which may work beautifully in both large and small offices. They can also choose from a plethora of different accessories to give their office space a unique and personalized ambiance and style.

For instance, if you would like to go with a minimalist style, you can perhaps add some zest or flair to mix things up a little by adding some vibrant colour.

Or, perhaps you would prefer a “substance over style” approach, which promotes minimalism while also optimizing durability. Here, the goal is to have cubicles that will last for several years or even decades with very little need for maintenance or repairs.

Hence, you may opt for a classic minimalist style with bright finishes and clean lines designed for maximum longevity.

Yet another option is a benching pod, whereby six small desks are set to face each other. Elevated dividers can be added in between desks so that your employees can have some much-needed privacy.

Those looking for a hybrid combination can choose a cubicle style that allows employees to have a dedicated workspace, while also making it easy for them to turn around and ask their coworkers for help or advice when needed.

In other words, you can have your cubicles designed so that coworkers can easily mingle or collaborate while still enjoying some privacy. Hence, if you don’t have a large amount of office space to work with, and have a small team of workers that often need to collaborate, then you can opt for a cubicle design that serves as a shared workspace for your employees.

Final Thoughts

In sum, there are a myriad of different options to choose from so that even the most discerning employers will find a cubicle design that fits their unique style, brand, and philosophy while also staying within their budget and logistical restrictions.

From new cubicles and refurbished workstations to retro-chic and post-modern designs, there are thousands of different cubicle styles and materials to choose from, including many environmentally friendly options that will help your company reduce its carbon footprint.

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