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How to Properly Dispose of E-waste

Dealing with outdated technology can be an added hassle on top of the day-to-day pressure of running a business. When it comes time to dispose of your company’s electronics, there is a lot to consider, such as where to drop it off and whether there are hazardous materials inside the devices.

Dealing with outdated technology can be an added hassle on top of the day-to-day pressure of running a business. When it comes time to dispose of your company’s electronics, there is a lot to consider, such as where to drop it off and whether there are hazardous materials inside the devices.

In Canada, there are regulations about what you can and can’t do with your e-waste. Michaels Global Trading is dedicated to helping our customers follow these environmentally safe standards. We strive to offer you the best service and keep unnecessary e-waste out of landfills.

Whether you are downsizing and need to get rid of some tech tools or you’re upgrading your business’s equipment, here is how you can properly dispose of e-waste.

What is e-waste?
E-waste is any electronic device or equipment that you no longer need and are looking to get rid of. It includes things such as:

- Computers and accessories (hard drives, keyboards, etc.)
- Cell phones
- Telephones
- Headsets
- Monitors
- Printers/scanners
- Photocopiers
- Microphones
- Projectors
- Cameras
- Calculators
- Drones
- GPS systems
- POS terminals
- Cables
- Remote controls

If you’re not sure that your items fit into the e-waste category, then speak with us, and we’ll be able to tell you the best way to dispose of them.

It’s important to dispose of your e-waste to protect the environment properly. It also helps recycle valuable materials that can be reused.

What happens to your e-waste?
E-waste that is not disposed of correctly presents a significant risk of leaking chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and flame retardants into the environment. These can get into the soil and groundwater, and some hazardous materials may even pollute the air.

As electronics sit in a landfill, they can crack and degrade, and these hazardous materials will then be exposed. Rain, snow, and sleet will mix with these chemicals and transfer them into the soil and groundwater. Once they’ve made their way into groundwater, they can contaminate local water sources that animals and humans rely on. All of these pose a problem for wildlife, and for humans.

The risks these chemicals pose on people include problems like kidney disease, brain damage, and even genetic mutations. Unfortunately, some organizations have tried shipping the problem overseas. They claim that these e-waste devices are donations to other countries. The reality is, however, that they are just pushing the problem under the rug and risking the health of other cultures and environments.

Disposing of e-waste in a landfill is not the best way to handle it. You want to be sure you are properly disposing of your old, unwanted electronics. At Michaels Global Trading, we take our responsibility to you and the environment seriously.

Ways to Get Rid of Your E-Waste
Rather than simply dump your old electronics at the local landfill, here are some alternative ways to get rid of your e-waste.

Sell It
While you may no longer have any use for the electronics, someone else might. Finding a buyer may be as simple as placing an ad online at a site like Craigslist. You’ll be able to earn a little extra money and be rid of your old devices. Liquidation auctions can also be a good way to sell your unwanted items, including electronics. Just be sure that they are still working fine and that you’ve removed any sensitive information from them.

Donate It
Giving away your old electronics is a great way to avoid hazardous waste filling up the landfills. It also helps those on the receiving end of the donation. This could be low-income families, charities, students, or other businesses that can’t afford new technologies. If the devices are still in good working condition and you’ve erased all the personal data from it, contact a local charity to see if they are interested in taking it. You may also be eligible for a tax credit for your donation.

Call an E-Waste Professional
Professional companies like Michaels Global Trading are skilled and experienced in handling and disposing of your unwanted electronics. To avoid the hassle of taking care of the old equipment yourself, let us do it for you. Our team will come in, dismantle, and remove your e-waste items so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. In some cases, we may even be able to resell them and get you some money back.

Recycle Your E-Waste
If your devices are too old, they may still have valuable parts inside that can be recycled and reused. To find out if your items can be recycled, you’ll need to get in touch with a local recycling centre. They can tell you where you can drop your e-waste off. Some municipalities may even have an e-waste pickup program, such as the City of Toronto’s electronic waste program. In some communities, there are recycling dropoff days scheduled throughout the year. Contact your local municipal office to find out if there are any community recycling events in your area.

Trade it In
If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, talk to your dealer about possible trade-in deals. Some companies will give you a discount on your new electronics if you bring in your old ones. There may also be companies in your area that serve as dropoff points for your e-waste. The most popular ones are for cellphones and tablets. These initiatives help businesses protect the environment and gain a good reputation among consumers. You can do a web search to see if any organizations in your area run these types of programs.

Liquidating Your E-Waste
Getting rid of your unwanted electronics doesn’t have to be a hassle. Michaels Global Trading can help you liquidate all your business assets, including e-waste. We are committed to protecting the environment and keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfills. Our team is skilled at removing, handling, and disposing of your old electronics. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your tech or you need to downsize your operations, let Michaels Global Trading help you properly dispose of your e-waste.

For more information about business liquidation services in Ontario, call Michaels Global Trading at 1-888-902-7531 or contact us here.

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