Top 11 Places to Sell Your Used Equipment Fast

10 Jan 2022
The best platforms for quickly selling your used equipment

Whether you need to liquidate your business or simply want to declutter your offices, getting rid of your used equipment can seem like a hassle.  If you’re unable to donate it and it’s still in good working order, why not try and sell it online? You can avoid the hassle of hauling it to the dump and get a few dollars for your old stuff. 

However, you’ll want to be cautious about where you post your ad. Not all platforms are worth your time and effort. You want to stick to legitimate sites with real customers. Here is a list of 11 places where you can sell your used items quickly and safely. 

1. Craigslist

A tried and true option for all your unwanted items, Craigslist offers a place where you can post online ads for free. It’s an online classified ad website, so it’s not built to look particularly fancy. But the good news is you won’t have to pay fees on anything you sell. Creating an ad is simple, and you can post nearly anything from office furniture to construction materials and anything in-between. 

2. eBay

Your online auction stop is eBay. Here you can post your used equipment and wait for buyers to bid on it. If your items are in fairly good shape, this might be the place where you can earn more than you expected. Be sure to be descriptive and add lots of images from different angles so bidders can see the quality of the items. One drawback to selling on eBay is that you’ll need to have a seller’s account. A monthly fee is paid, which is determined by the number of listings and how many items you’ve managed to sell. 

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has become the local garage sale stop with its Facebook Marketplace.  Like with Craigslist, there are no fees for posting and selling your items through the social media platform. Posting an ad is straightforward, and you just need to keep an eye on your Facebook messages, so you don’t miss communication from a potential buyer. 

4. Decluttr

For your old, unwanted tech that is still in good condition, you can contact Decluttr. You won’t need to write an ad to sell your items here. Rather, they’ll let you know how much they are willing to pay you for the item. It may not be as lucrative as other options, but if you’re in a hurry to get rid of your stuff, it’s a good option. 


Another online auctioning option is eBid. You will be asked to pay a fee but not to post your unwanted items. eBid will only charge you when you’ve made a sale. It has a smaller audience than other online selling platforms but might still be worth looking into if you have things you need to sell on occasion.

On you can advertise nearly anything for sale. That means you can post for any of your unwanted items, including your used equipment. You will need to pay a fee for posting, but it is reasonable, anywhere from $1 to $6.

Features include seller ratings, so you can benefit from customer feedback if you are a regular on the site. It may even boost your sales and your revenue. If selling online is something you want to do often, it might be worth getting a membership on Membership entitles you to smaller fees for posting your goods. 

7. Oodle

Another online classified platform, Oodle, allows you to integrate your posts with Facebook Marketplace. This means it’s more likely that your items will sell quickly as you’ll have a better chance of reaching online shoppers. However, to access this feature, you’ll need to become a paying user of the platform. It will be free if you only want to post your ads on Oodle. 


Similar to Decluttr, BuyBackWorld will pay you for your unwanted items. The focus is on electronics or gently used tech. But, you can always contact them to find out if they may have use for your other items. If you’re eager to get your money, you can opt for the quick pay option. This means they’ll send you payment the day after receiving your items. However, they won’t pay you as much as if you wait a few extra days. 


If you have electronics in pretty good condition, it might be worth contacting BestBuy to see if they’ll buy it back from you. But, be aware, your payment won’t be cash. It will be a gift card to their store. If this is something you’re likely to use, it is worth looking into, but if you never shop there, then it’ll be a waste of time. 

10. Public Facebook Groups

Another way to use Facebook to sell your unwanted items is to join a public group and advertise your items in the forum. For example, if you’re looking to get rid of some industrial equipment, search the platform for groups dedicated to that type of equipment. It’s one way to guarantee you’re targeting the right audience. 

11. Equipment liquidation services

If you have warehouse equipment to sell, Michaels Global Trading can help. We are experienced warehouse equipment liquidation specialists. Our team of certified appraisers will ensure that you get a fair price for your used equipment. We are meticulous in the process and can help make your liquidation and move easier. There are several reasons that companies contact us to liquidate their warehouse equipment, from mergers to downsizing to retirement and even equipment upgrades; we can handle it all. If you need to sell your warehouse equipment quickly, contact Michaels. 

For more information about our business liquidation services in Ontario, call Michaels Global Trading at 1-888-902-7531 or contact us here

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