Surplus Inventory & Asset Management In Oakville

If you’re relocating or shutting down your facility in Oakville and need to restore the premises to its original condition as required by the landlord, Michaels Global Trading can assist with removing all your assets from the building. We also appraise those that you want to get rid of and find the market to quickly liquidate those items so you can use the funds to purchase new items for your new location or handle other business matters.

Some of the items that we can remove include office furniture, generators, servers, computers and laptops, printers, network cables, and others. Depending on your situation, we can handle the entire facility shut down on your behalf, or simply liquidate your equipment. When there are items that cannot be sold, we disperse them to the right facilities for recycling. Generally, we have the resources to clean out any facility, warehouse, or business, or assist in the redeployment of assets to other facilities where operations are ongoing.

Office Clearance and Asset Reporting

If you plan on moving your workplace to a new location and need some assistance with organizing or getting rid of the contents of your old office in Oakville, then Michaels Global Trading may fulfil that need. Our professional and experienced team take over the logistics process, helping to get rid of the items in your old office, including the safe disposal of waste electronic equipment and appliances, and managing the removal project. It’s necessary to work out the schedule of your office removal project, taking into consideration the time when your old office lease ends and that of your new office starts, so you can complete the office clearance project on time.

Another important process when moving to a new office location, shutting down a facility, or simply creating more space in your premises is ensuring that you have accurate asset reporting. We provide our clients with a wide range of services that they may need, from data center decommissioning to e-waste recycling to office asset liquidation, all of which require detailed asset reporting and appraisal.

After removing these items from your premises, our team takes a detailed inventory and records the item tags for each item before deciding the best way to handle it. Any hard drives that contain sensitive information must go through data erasing or mechanical destruction. Items that can be liquidated or e-waste that needs to go through recycling are appropriately handled. You can keep track of the entire process as we handle your assets through our meticulous management and reporting process.

Warehouse Equipment Removal

Every year, retailers, warehouses, and manufacturers face the challenge of getting rid of huge volumes of unsold or unused raw materials and inventory. These excess products can accumulate over time, making it difficult or unprofitable to liquidate them. Our specialists appraise any items that can be sold and market them properly through our networks for optimal profits, and dispose of any leftover items that can’t be resold in adherence with all ethical and environmental codes.

Depending on the scale of the removal and liquidation project, some companies may choose to leave it to their employees. Unfortunately, this may not be the best approach, as inexperienced or unknowledgeable employees lack the resources to properly evaluate the value of the equipment, resulting in lost profits. Warehouse equipment is costly, so you need to ensure that the liquidation recoups as much of the costs as possible.

Moreover, rather than attempting to appraise and sell the equipment using unskilled employees and wasting production time that would be better used in core business operations, you should let the specialists at Michaels Global Trading handle the process on your behalf. We will not only appraise your items, but also responsibly get rid of any items that cannot be resold, and even clean up the location when done, so it’s ready for resale or leasing.

Working with us prevents you from worrying about unused assets sitting around and wasting valuable space in your premises. You don’t need to worry about removing the heavy and bulky equipment that can be a hassle to deal with, waste time looking for buyers or negotiating with prospects for each piece of equipment, our specialists can do it faster and better, within your schedule.

Site Decommissioning

When planning to decommission your site or facility, Michaels Global Trading has the expertise and resources to remove, track, and recycle nearly every kind of industrial equipment. We realize that these assets are delicate and expensive, and must be carefully evaluated and disassembled to ensure valuable removal and resale for optimal returns. Our professional team is not only trained in safety, but also experienced in handling such large, heavy, and bulky equipment to ensure organized and efficient removal when upgrading the equipment, relocating, or shutting down your facility.

Depending on your situation, our specialists evaluate your equipment and quickly design the most appropriate strategy for removal and resale for reuse. Regardless of the scope or size of your facility, we are a valuable partner for your decommissioning project. For the best results, our specialists tailor the services according to your situation while leveraging our years of experience, the flexibility of our services, and attention to detail, to ensure that we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients every time.

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Michaels Global Trading can help you get rid of excess inventory, old office furniture and equipment, or decommission your facility. We specialize in removing and liquidating or recycling the items that you no longer need by working with various stakeholders within your organization, including production managers, finance managers, facilities managers, and IT managers to streamline the process and promote transparency and accountability. We have the experience, knowledge, and access to a global marketing network to manage entire removal projects, from appraisal to liquidation and sweeping the premises, with great proficiency and speed to fit your schedule. This way, you can focus your time and energy on your core competencies.

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