Surplus Inventory & Asset Management In Mississauga

When you’re planning to liquidate your office or company assets, you can count on Michaels Global Trading in Mississauga to streamline the removal and liquidation process, so it’s as effortless and as profitable as possible. Our team of professionals have assisted in multiple liquidation efforts for various reasons, including getting rid of surplus inventory and disposing of old office furniture and equipment during shutdowns and relocations.

One of the key benefits of working with Michaels Global Trading for your office furniture liquidation project is that our services extend beyond just getting rid of your old furniture. Companies in Mississauga can also seek our services for liquidating office equipment and modular furnishings that feature network cables and power strips installed throughout the office ceiling and floor, as well as the work surfaces, panels, and chairs. Our staff are also experienced in IT asset recovery and IT liquidations. We take pride in being a flexible, full-service office furniture removal and liquidation company.

Office furniture removal

We realize that the process of simply removing assets from your office or facility is one of the major concerns in asset liquidation. Some office equipment, especially those used to handle data, may have sensitive information that needs to be properly destroyed before the equipment can be disposed of. We can assist with electronic data removal to wipe your hard drives before disposal, and even physically destroy the components to completely prevent data retrieval.

In this regard, our services range from shutting down offices and warehousing to e-waste recycling and asset tracking and recovery. With our diverse range of services, you can discuss your unique needs with our professional team to find the best solution for your situation. You can count on our skilled team to efficiently and systematically dispose of all the unneeded items, including personal computers, laptops, monitors, network equipment, servers, printers, cables, test equipment, battery backups, AC units, generators, and more.

Warehouse Equipment Removal

When looking to shut down, get rid of unused equipment, or downsize your warehousing and distribution services, warehouse equipment liquidation is one of the many things you need to do. Fortunately, you can let our specialists at Michaels Global Trading handle this part of the project on your behalf. We specialize in selling used warehouse and distribution center equipment. We can leverage our connections in the industry to quickly sell your items while giving you the best possible prices.

We take pride in providing prompt, responsive, courteous, and professional removal and liquidation services. We quickly respond to any call, with our specialists coming to your location to understand your unique needs so that we can tailor our services according to your situation. The equipment removal process is typically very fast. However, the actual time taken depends on whether some areas of the warehouse are still operational, or if you are closing the entire warehouse. The amount of material that needs to be removed is also an important factor, as well as the nature of reinforcements (bolting to the ground) that may require more work.

We recommend contacting us when you have a few months to plan, as this can provide a buffer for your project to complete according to your preferred timeline. Depending on the urgency of the situation, the equipment can be moved to our warehouse, so your location is free for repairs or vacated at the end of your lease contract.

Asset Recovery Services

Finding asset recovery services in Mississauga that fit your situation can be a challenge, at Michaels Global Trading, we can customize our removal and liquidation services to suit your unique needs. We realize that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot yield the same results when applied across all types of projects. That is why our specialists meet with you and tailor our services to your specific circumstances.

If you’re planning to bring new furniture to your office and are uncertain about how to deal with your current or old furniture, our staff can happily collect these items from your premises, appraise them, and then market them to give you favourable returns. On the other hand, if your business generates large amounts of electronic waste, we can arrange regular visits to help you dispose of the old equipment and reduce clutter.

Whichever combination suits your situation, our specialists are always ready to assist you and handle any asset removal or liquidation challenges that you’re facing, to your satisfaction. Besides our asset recovery services, we also offer complementary solutions to make the process organized and stress-free. These services include asset buyout, warehousing and storage, asset reporting and tracking, data destruction and erasure, and e-waste recycling.

Decommissioning Services

If you’re planning to exit your plant or facility space, you will likely need to deal with difficult logistics, asset liquidation, and a myriad of other activities, all of which must be done within a set time frame to meet your lease obligations. This is also important to avoid spending lots of money on holdover rent on the space.

Michaels Global Trading can help to tackle the lease and decommissioning requirements for companies that are going through or planning a transition. Decommissioning your assets and restoring the space requires multiple skills and services that should be properly planned and executed. We emphasize clear communication, professional logistics management, and polished decommissioning processes to give you a seamless transition from your current site.

We have a straightforward process that starts with our specialists coming to your premises for an on-site assessment to carefully evaluate the office furniture or equipment you plan on liquidating. Our knowledgeable staff determines what pieces that can be resold and appraise them. Then, we identify those that need to be recycled or destroyed according to government regulations. As a full-service liquidation company, we not only remove the equipment within, but also arrange for the repair of the walls, ceilings, carpets, and anything else that may get damaged during the removal process, so your offices are in great shape for leasing or resale.

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Michaels Global Trading can help to remove and liquidate or recycle the items that you no longer need from your old office, warehouse, facility, plant, or other premises. We’re capable of handling entire removal projects, from appraisal to liquidation and sweeping the premises, working with great proficiency and speed to fit your schedule. We have the experience, knowledge, and access to a global marketing network to liquidate your disparate business assets in quantity, on time and to your satisfaction. This way, you can focus your time and energy on your core competencies.

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