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If a company needs to shut down their offices, data center, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or any other facility, they must be prepared to manage the multitude of assets they own, while handling several vital services to prepare the premises for return, re-lease, or sale. Fortunately, Michaels Global Trading specializes in handling such projects in Burlington. We can take over the task to manage the removal and liquidation of your assets, right from appraisal to sweeping the floors.

Most companies tend to have overlapping departmental responsibilities, especially when assets are involved. As professionals in asset removal and liquidation, we work with the people concerned in your company to satisfy the requirements of all involved stakeholders swiftly and efficiently, while seeking the best markets to maximize your returns.

For removing and liquidating large quantities of assets, you’ll find that our experience, skilled workforce, and time-tested practices allow us to work within your set time schedules, to find the right markets fast for timely and profitable asset liquidation. When it comes to removing small quantities of assets, we have the experience and patience to liquidate in the markets that give you optimum value, even when they may not be as fast or easy to meet your expectations.

Office furniture removal

At Michaels Global Trading, we pride ourselves on our prompt, eco-friendly office clearance services in Burlington. From IT equipment removal to the sale of unwanted assets, we cover every aspect of your office removal process. Most businesses consult us for our outstanding office furniture removal services. We realize that many businesses may not wish to move with their old furniture when relocating to a new office. As a result, they can choose to liquidate these items and use the funds to boost their finances after purchasing new office furniture, send them to a landfill, or keep them in storage where they serve no meaningful purpose and simply waste space.

By engaging our office furniture removal services, you can drastically reduce your company’s carbon footprint by minimizing the number of old items that end up in the landfill. Office clearance is a rather lengthy process that involves various activities, including:

  • Making office furniture inventory – This involves creating a detailed list of each item in your office that you want to get rid of. The details should include the age, brand, and condition of each furniture item, from the chairs and desks to the kitchen appliances and filing cabinets, complete with clear images. This itemized list is necessary for identifying items available for resale, assessing their potential value, and isolating the items that you want to keep.

  • Appraisal for liquidation – The itemized list should help to provide a clue about the current value of your old furniture and other office equipment. As part of our standard office clearance tasks, Michaels Global Trading regularly buys old, unwanted office equipment and furniture, and then works out the amount from the overall cost of the removal project. Determining the cost of the office items you want to dispose of can also allow you to set the budget for purchasing replacement items for your new office location.

  • Moving the unwanted items from your site – It is our job to sell off or dispose of your old office equipment and furniture on your behalf. Where it’s not possible to resell the items, we can organize for them to be recycled or used, which is in line with our goals for eco-friendliness and sustainability. The old furniture and equipment that cannot be recycled can be remanufactured, allowing any reusable components to be transformed into meaningful and useful new items.

Our professionals can assist with the appraisal and removal of your old office furniture and equipment, so you focus on other important matters, like setting up your new office location. That said, you may want to work out the initial pricing estimate for your office items before disposing of them by going through the invoices for the original purchases of each item, and then take into consideration their age, brand, and condition. This information is needed to assess the market value of your office equipment and furniture in their current condition.

Warehouse Equipment Removal

Every year, retailers, warehouses, and manufacturers face the challenge of getting rid of huge volumes of unsold or unused raw materials and inventory. These excess products can accumulate over time, making it difficult or unprofitable to liquidate them. But with the help of professional asset removal and liquidation specialists like Michaels Global Trading, proper handling of these products can give your company meaningful profits.

In most cases, the assets that need to be liquidated are handled by multiple departments, which might complicate the process if employees choose to handle it themselves. Moreover, leaving such a task to inexperienced people can result in lost profits or even illegal disposal of some items. Working with professionals can ensure smooth, timely, and profitable equipment removal and liquidation from your distribution center or warehouse.

Keep in mind that certain regulations need to be followed when handling industrial materials and equipment. When these items are not properly disposed of, leftover computers and electronic equipment may degrade and produce toxic substances. It is important to assess all the items and separate those that cannot be sold from those to be taken to market, ensuring that the waste is disposed of responsibly. Our specialists appraise any items that can be sold and market them properly through our networks for optimal profits, and dispose of any leftover items that can’t be resold in adherence with all ethical and environmental codes.

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At Michaels Global Trading, we’re capable of handling entire removal and decommissioning projects, from appraisal to liquidation and sweeping the premises, with great proficiency and speed to fit your schedule. We have the experience, knowledge, and access to a global marketing network to remove and liquidate or recycle the items that you no longer need. We work with various stakeholders within your organization to streamline the process and promote transparency and accountability. Whether you’re planning to get rid of excess inventory, old office furniture and equipment, or decommission your facility, we can handle this aspect of your project so you can focus your time and energy on your core competencies.

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