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Moving or leaving an office space requires more than the physical shifting of furniture from one space to another. Decommissioning an office takes time, organization, and knowledge of equipment disassembly. At Michaels Global Trading, we specialize in asset decommissioning services.

Office Furniture

When you lease an office space, your contract will have specific regulations on how the space must be left when you leave it. Normally, the term used is “broom swept”. Sounds simple enough, but broom swept doesn’t mean running a broom across the floor and tossing out the dust. It means leaving the space you are renting as you leased it, deep cleaning aside. In other words, you don’t need to scrub ceilings and base boards, but you need to ensure the removal of:

  • All furnishings
  • Wiring
  • Shelves
  • Cubicles and partitions
  • Electronics
  • Lighting (Unless lighting was pre-installed prior to your agreement)
  • Machinery
  • Supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Residual debris

This is a tall order, considering many business owners are focusing on their new office and the running of a company as they undertake the decommissioning of old office space. Hiring a professional asset decommissioning service allows you to focus on big picture items, while the heavy lifting and organization is left to somebody else.

What Is Involved in an Office Decommission?

Decommissioning an office sounds like a simple move, but there are many bells and whistles to consider. Michaels Global Trading takes on the complicated task of breaking down your office space and removing all the items inside, so you can focus on running the business, and managing your new work site. As we begin the decommissioning process, many clients wonder what our role entails. Some of the steps we take on in a decommissioning include:

  • Appraisal of furniture and equipment for potential resale/liquidation
  • Disassembly of furnishings and shelving
  • Disconnecting electrical hookups
  • Removing office supplies, furnishings, décor, and electronics
  • Unwiring networks, servers, IT equipment
  • Sorting and organizing items for resale, recycling, and donation
  • Delivery of furnishings appropriate facilities and sorting centers
  • Clearing debris, garbage, and remaining wiring

After the decommissioning of an office, Michaels Global Trading continues working with your business to ensure everything is clear to your specifications, and that the organized equipment is being sent to designated locations.

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We offer complete liquidation services for office furniture, IT equipment, construction equipment, and more! This service is not complimentary and there will be a service fee involved.

Benefits of Professional Decommissioning

Wondering if professional asset decommissioning services in Ontario, Canada is the right option for you? There are many benefits to contacting an experienced office equipment decommissioning service, such as:

  • 1 A thorough approach to removal

    Our business is decommissioning offices. Therefore, we pay close attention to the fine details associated with each job we take on. You can rest assured your landlord will find nothing left behind to create problems with your damage deposit.

  • 2 Eco-friendly decommissions

    We work hard to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal. As a proud North American company, we strive to provide eco-friendly decommission services, recycling and reusing whenever possible.

  • 3 Technical knowledge

    The breakdown and recycling of electronic office components requires knowledge and training. Our team is trained on all the latest office tech, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered from data storage devices to server setups.

  • 4 Local law familiarity

    In North America there are restrictions associated with recycling and disposing of certain materials. We are familiar with local laws, ensuring our clients hit no red tape during the decommission process.

Options for Decommissioned Office Equipment

Before you begin decommissioning your office assets, you may want to consider options for the removal and delivery of the items inside. Are you moving from one office to another and require a moving company to assist with the transportation? Or maybe you’re selling your business and closing the office down altogether. Whatever the case, Michaels Global Trading can help you get all of your decommissioned belongings where they need to go.

Common options post decommission include:

Donating to a local charity or organization in need is a great way to get rid of unwanted furniture and equipment while making a positive impact on your community. As a business, this is beneficial in many ways, including broader brand recognition, boosted reputation and decreased carbon footprint. MGT helps businesses to donate their furniture and equipment to charitable organizations.

Some office furnishings can’t be saved. Whether they are unusable due to wear, age, or quality, disposal is sometimes the only option. Disposing of office equipment requires knowledge of the materials included in your belongings. For example, some of the metal components included in IT equipment contain toxins not safe for the environment. These parts must be scrapped individually and delivered to the right disposal centers.

Recycling is a must for much of the equipment in an office, especially glass and plastics. As electronics are broken down, some components may be sent to the landfill, while others require special processing. Dealing with professional office decommissioning specialists ensures you have no legal issues.

Liquidation happens for many reasons, including bankruptcy. Michaels Global Trading understands the delicacy of liquidation. Whether you are decommissioning your office because you are retiring, or because of financial reasons, we are here to help get you top dollar on your office equipment.

Decommissioning an office isn’t a generic process. No two businesses are alike. Therefore, Michaels Global Trading works with you to create a custom plan for your business decommission. We help sort, organize, disassemble and remove anything and everything you want out of the office.

As you begin your asset decommissioning endeavours, Michaels will walk through your business space with you, take photos, and create an inventory of what you have, what you need rid of, and which items require special tools or disassembly before they are removed.

The stress of moving offices is overwhelming enough without the added pressure of disposal and recycling restrictions. Michaels Global Trading works with your business from beginning to end of the decommission process, leaving you without a doubt that your office is being left exactly how it needs to be.

Interested in learning more about our asset decommissioning services? Michaels Global Trading wants to hear from you. Call us at 647-821-9961 to speak to an experienced member of our team today.



Anthony C
Anthony C
Marlon and his crew did a 10000 sq ft office move and decommissioning job for me. It went smoothly with no surprises. I would recommend Marlon to anyone who needs a referral. Great job Marlon!
Jens Drees
Jens Drees
Work was performed on time and with dedication and efficiency
Megan Lewry
Megan Lewry
Marlon was responsive and very professional. The movers turned up on time and were very quick.
V Krishna chaitanya
V Krishna chaitanya
I'm happy with the services provided by MGT, they are very responsive and effective in terms of managing the move, glad we chose them.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
From Linda Williams @ Portfolio+ Inc Your company's services today were amazing - thorough and executed in a professional & timely manner. I would recommend to anyone. Many thanks. Linda Dec 2022 - just used this company's service again. Portfolio+ is extremely happy with the efficient services provided.
Shaynna Aguiar
Shaynna Aguiar
Our law firm hired Michaels Global Trading to move from one office to the other. Marlon and his crew were very efficient and professional in making sure we had everything we need to go through a smooth move. We also hired them to do a decommission of our old office. Highly recommend.
Katalin Cesario
Katalin Cesario
This group of guys are fabulous! Great customer service. Respectful, quick service. Will be using them for all future projects. Kat Cesario CHS
Irina Dar
Irina Dar
Marlon and his team were on time and ready to work. Marlon and his team provided decommissioning and relocation service. Decommissioning included destruction of old Hard Drives, Server removal, De-cabling, Inventory and general cleanup. Team is professional, cooperative, and friendly. They went out of their way to accommodate our needs several times. They worked independently and left our premises at spotless condition. During relocation, they made sure we did not have to worry about our possessions on both sides - loading and unloading. Thank you for the excellent customer service and quality!
Paula Attfield
Paula Attfield
The team did a great job removing our old office furniture and helping us move some of our bigger pieces to our new office space. They were efficient, courteous and helpful!
Trisha Whitney
Trisha Whitney
Marlon and his team just left our office, with a lot of cubicles and desks that needed to be cleared out. They were on time, very reasonably priced, polite, quiet (we were working downstairs while they were upstairs) and efficient. He had a large team working and finished the job in about 4 hours. Would highly recommend. Thanks MGT!

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you ensure IT asset decommissioning is done properly, safely, and securely?

In order to guarantee that IT asset decommissioning is executed in a proper, safe, and secure manner, it is crucial to adhere to a comprehensive approach that encompasses data destruction, environmental conformity, and risk management. It is recommended to engage a trustworthy and proficient IT asset decommissioning service provider in Canada to conduct this process, and to ensure that they furnish a comprehensive report detailing all decommissioning activities carried out.

2How do you decommission an office space?

If you want to decommission an office space, it’s essential to eliminate all furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and dispose of them responsibly. In Ontario, asset decommissioning services will handle disconnection of all utilities and networks, repair any damages, and leave the space clean and ready for the next occupants. At Michaels Global Trading, we offer eco-friendly and professional office decommissioning services to make the process easy for you.

3What is office decommissioning?

The procedure of securely and effectively taking out and disposing of office furnishings, machines, and resources when a company is reducing, relocating, or shutting down is referred to as office decommissioning. Canadian asset decommissioning services perform the dismantling and recycling or disposing of the assets, with the objective of lessening waste and environmental consequences while maximizing the retrieval of value.

4What are the challenges associated with the decommissioning process?

Efficient and responsible execution of the decommissioning process necessitates proper planning, the involvement of asset decommissioning services in Canada, and addressing several challenges. These challenges include the safe removal and disposal of materials, compliance with regulatory requirements, the requirement for specialized equipment and trained personnel, and the potential impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

5What are the steps in the office decommissioning process?

Asset decommissioning services in Canada affirm that the process of decommissioning an office generally consists of various steps such as conducting site surveys and evaluations, labeling and cataloging assets, eliminating and disposing of undesired items, and performing cleaning and renovation of the area. It is vital to have proper planning and implementation to guarantee a seamless and effective transition for your organization.

6What's involved with office space decommission?

The first step is completing a walk through to get a detailed inventory and photos of what is to be decommissioned. The second step is to evaluate what has resale value or scrap metal value then subtract those numbers from the overall cost of the decommission. This process saves the client some money. After the quote is finalized another meeting takes place to discuss timelines, expectations and any other pertinent details. The movers then execute what has been planned by both parties.

7Do all moving companies that offer transitional management solutions provide end-to-end office space decommission support?

Not all moving companies provide end to end support. Office space decommissioning is more than removing furniture and equipment. Sometimes it involves buying remaining assets to help the client balance out the cost of a decommission service.

8What do I need to look out for in my commercial lease before going through with office space decommissioning?

The number one thing you should look out for in your commercial lease when decommissioning an office space is how the property management wants you to leave the space once vacated. There is a common term used in this industry called “landlord ready”. This means the space should be completely emptied – removing everything from the walls and ceiling and having the floors broom swepted.

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