Michaels Global Trading helps businesses across North America as they liquidate their office furniture, IT equipment, construction equipment, and more!

Office Furniture and Equipment Liquidation

OFFICE FURNITURE LIQUIDATION SERVICESThroughout North America office spaces consist of a wide range of technology and furnishings, including a variety of digital tools, appliances, partitions, seating and other equipment. For businesses moving to a new office space, retiring, or closing for financial reasons, decommissioning this equipment is a daunting task.

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Michaels Global Trading is here to help you with the heavy lifting, organization, packaging, relocation and office equipment liquidation efforts. Our team of experienced decommission and liquidation experts work with you from beginning to end, ensuring nothing is left behind, and every item is properly sorted and sent to the correct resale client or sorting facility.

Within the realm of removal services, we offer a selection of services, including:

Michaels Global Trading works with businesses of any size or background. No matter your industry, we guarantee experience with the office furniture and equipment you need moved.

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Office Furnishings and Equipment We Manage

No two offices look the same. Therefore, we treat every client with a customized approach to disassembly, organization, and removal. When we come into your office space, we offer an initial assessment, take inventory of all the items you need moved, and help you determine the best plan of action for each.

While we manage a large assortment of electronics, IT equipment and furniture, we commonly see items such as:

  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Ergonomic stations
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Appliances
  • Monitors
  • Security systems
  • VOIP
  • Server and networking systems
  • Printers/Fax/Copy machines
  • Filing and storage systems
  • Lighting
  • Tables
  • Cubicles and partitions
  • Digital storage devices

Have some items not on our list? No problem. We’re just providing a few examples of standard office equipment we see regularly. The team at Michaels is well versed in old and new electronics and furnishings and can help with any items your office needs to remove.

Appraisal for Office Furniture and Equipment

Appraisal for Office Furniture and EquipmentMichaels Global Trading is more than a middle man for office supplies removal and resale, we also offer professional appraisal services. Working as appraisers for nearly a decade, we have a long-running history with local sellers and buyers in the community and base our evaluations on thorough research with multiple sources. Depending on your schedule for sale, we may base your evaluation on:

  • Fair Market Value – Fair market value is based on the prices of items of the same type, age, and quality. We look around to see who is selling what for how much, research online journals and catalogues, check new sale prices, and use our own sales records to determine a fair price on the items in your office.
  • Orderly Liquidation Value – If time is of the essence, an orderly liquidation value can be determined based on an auction-style sale. When you have the time to wait for a top bid, this evaluation can be quite fruitful.
  • Forced Liquidation Value – Force liquidation values are generally lower than other evaluations, but they save you time and get equipment out fast. Forced liquidation is more of a first come first serve style appraisal system, working on the principle that things need to be sold quickly, rather than for top dollar.

Whatever your financial need, Michaels Global Trading will ensure you get the best possible evaluation and return on your IT equipment and furniture.

Office Liquidator

used office chairs for saleFollowing appraisal, Michaels as an Office Liquidator can help you liquidate office equipment and furniture. This guarantees some return on your initial investment, to help pay for your move to a new office, upgraded equipment, or to use as payment in financial transactions relating to bankruptcy.

Office furniture liquidation occurs for many reasons, including:

  • Downsizing
  • Mergers
  • Upgrades
  • Office Moves
  • Bankruptcy

Whatever your reason for liquidating, our office furniture liquidators here to help you streamline the process and get the most out of your remaining assets.

Recycling Office Furniture and Equipment

North America has strict laws on disposal and recycling. There are some components of electronic items which cannot simply be tossed in the trash. Sometimes these components are inside office equipment and the item must be disassembled to locate and recycle the appropriate parts.

Michaels Global Trading has a keen knowledge of office equipment big and small. We can tell when something is eligible for refurbishment, and when recycling is the only option. We’ll help you get all the metals, plastics, and glass items in your office to their designated recycling facilities.

Donating Office Furniture and Equipment

Office equipment has a shelf life like everything else, but some pieces last longer than others. You might find that while your computer system requires upgrades for business protocols, they could work just fine for research and document preparation. Similarly, your chairs, tables, and appliances might offer use to someone else, even though they have outlived their purpose for your office.

Donation is a great way to give back to your community, providing for charities, homeless shelters, schools, libraries, and other community programs that could use office furniture and equipment to serve others. Donation is also an eco-friendly method, as it keeps equipment out of landfills.

Disposal of Furniture and Office Equipment

Finally, when there is no alternative, disposal of office furniture and equipment is necessary. Like recycling, there are bylaws in most cities across North America regarding the disposal of electronics, specifically those which may leak toxins into the earth. Batteries, glass, wiring, and cathode-ray tubes all require special handling and sorting to their appropriate facilities.

Michaels Global Trading is familiar with local disposal laws and can help you avoid legal issues relating to e-waste.

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Michaels Global Trading is a leader in office furniture liquidation in Toronto. We work with everyone from small start-ups to large corporations, ensuring office spaces are left clean, and clear of debris, so you can focus on big picture items like running your business and planning your next move.

Interested in learning more about Michaels Global Trading and our office furniture and equipment removal services? We invite you to contact us today by visiting our online contact page, or by calling 1-888-902-7531.

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Brainhunter Systems Ltd
Brainhunter Systems Ltd

BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! That’s how we would describe Michaels Global Trading. They took all the headaches for our office move, decommissioning office cubicle, and did everything at a great price. They planned everything ahead of time and were on time to finish the job. Marlon, Mario, and team were extremely professional. They were fast to respond, fair in prices, and extremely service oriented. We would recommend them to companies who are planning an office move or decommissioning office furniture or equipment. – Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Gameloft Toronto
Gameloft Toronto

We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!


Do I need to disassemble my furniture in order to liquidate?

Disassembling your office furniture is not needed because liquidators like to see the condition of the overall pieces being purchased and it ensures all dismantled pieces are kept in order.

Can liquidating office furniture be used as a tax write off?

Donating furniture and also depreciating the furniture / assets against what was originally paid can help with tax write offs. For legal purposes it is best to consult with an accountant.

How does office furniture liquidation work?

The seller of the office furniture sends out a request for quotation from various liquidation companies. The seller usually has prepared details such as photos, quantities and timelines prior to reaching out to liquidators. Depending on the scenario of the liquidation the seller can expect to have the furniture sold from the premises via auction / private sale, purchased outright and removed by the liquidator or incur a charge for removal.

What is computer equipment salvage?

Salvaging computer equipment invloves sifting through piles of old or outdated electronics thrown away to see what has scrap value / resale value.

Where can you donate used office furniture?

There are many places to donate used office furniture. At Michaels Global Trading, we partner with the top local philanthropic organizations, ensuring donations reach a worthwhile destination.

How much do you tip for furniture removal?

Tipping is up to the client’s discretion.

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