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    Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation, we request photos and a manifest of the type of assets for sale or decommission. Once received, we discuss expectations, our services and commitments.

    Proposal & Planning

    Our proposed plans are transparent and given in person or via email. Every project details the most viable option for the assets, timelines and market trends that may impact asset values.


    Once both parties agree on an option for the assets, we then execute an efficient liquidation/auction sale or decommission service.




    Auction & decommission 13 floors of Herman Miller office furniture


    After inspection of the entire building an agreement to take all the furniture at no cost to SNC was arranged. All furniture was auctioned throughout Canada and over 70 tons of furniture was diverted from landfill.



    Liquidate 400 Steelcase chairs & decommission 500 cubicles

    5 DAYS

    Blackberry was in a position where their office chairs had enough value that we paid for the entire 2 floors of furniture re-selling the chairs and scrap metal to cover the cost to decommission the whole project.



    Relocate contents & decommission 4 buildings of office furniture & IT equipments

    1 MONTH

    The client was looking for a vendor to handle the relocation and decommissioning of 4 buildings. We had the necessary trucks & labour to handle the month long contract as well as the network to export the IT equipment.



    Auction entire warehouse of printing & binding equipment

    1.5 MONTHS

    Upon the walkthrough our team realized that there was equipment out of our speciality that the client wanted us to help liquidate. We called our auction partner and we were able negotiate a deal to auction the entire building creating a smooth exit for the client.

    We Help You Get Rid of Your Unwanted Assets

    Michael’s Global Trading specializes in asset removal to improve business efficiency, inventory management and support organizations through transitions like relocations, mergers and acquisitions, and the shutdown of commercial and industrial operations.

    Our liquidation and decommissioning services are designed to help you manage assets during a time of massive changes and secure maximum value to settle outstanding accounts, manage acquisitions, and redirect focus to future ventures. Our mission is a seamless transition of assets like furniture and equipment for relocation, downsizing, or shutdown through professional project management. Trust us to maximize your financial resources by handling key assets through value-adding liquidation and decommissioning.

    • Liquidation

    • Decommissioning


    Michael’s Global Trading specializes in asset liquidation to help companies increase cash flow and working capital for settling outstanding accounts and managing necessary expenses at the time of a shutdown, relocation, or even a future expansion.

    We acquire idle, surplus, and other business assets to help your company liquidate and remain solvent in times of necessary transition. We provide tailored asset liquidation services that include documentation and appraisal and purchase these from you at maximum value to increase your company’s working capital.

    Our asset liquidation process:

    1. Identify assets: Inventory your company’s assets and determine what can be liquidated at best value based on detailed descriptions, current condition, purchase information, warranty, and repair records.

    2. Identify liquidation value: As certified buyers, we can acquire your company’s assets at the best liquidation value, ensuring you earn back adequate working capital for paying off creditors or re-investing in operations.

    3. Liquidation: We manage the entire liquidation process from appraisal to sale, transport, and payment so that you can focus on pending operations necessary for a smooth transition.


    Michael’s Global Trading provides assistance in the decommissioning of old office furniture, computers, and other equipment.

    Our decommissioning service allows you to install necessary upgrades and seamlessly transition from equipment that has reached their end-of-life cycle. We also support companies that choose to decommission old and underperforming equipment in preparation for scaling operations or shutdown. Our commitment is a sustainable equipment decommissioning process that includes refurbishing and eco-friendly disposal to reduce your company’s environmental impact.

    Our decommissioning process:

    1. Asset documentation: We identify assets up for decommissioning and conduct quality assurance testing to determine their condition and value.

    2. On-site removal: We dismantle, pack, and transport equipment according to specialized cargo and logistics arrangements.

    3. Sustainable disposal: We dispose of decommissioned and deprecated equipment in an eco-friendly manner and refurbish reusable equipment for future applications.

    Surplus Deals Completed
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    We Help All Kinds Of Businesses

    Michael’s Global Trading is proud to work with businesses in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, retail, and construction industries. We cater to specific asset handling requirements for liquidation and decommissioning, and enable a seamless transition during a shutdown, relocation, or expansion.

    Our commitment is to maximize the liquidation value of all qualified assets to promote your company’s financial health, as well as deconstruct old equipment safely for sustainable disposal or repurposing.

    Commercial Offices

    We liquidate and decommission commercial office assets in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. We specialize in handling surplus, used and idle computers, printers, copy machines, phones, and other office equipment.

    We manage the deconstruction and removal of these assets, and facilitate sustainable refurbishing and repurposing for future use or sale. We will also acquire high-value equipment at an optimal value to increase your company’s working capital and settle outstanding accounts in preparation for shutdown, relocation, or refocusing on other ventures.


    Our turnkey approach to warehouse equipment liquidation and decommissioning includes safe asset handling through dismantling, packaging, and transport through logistics and cargo management. We inspect and assess high-value assets like forklifts, conveyor belts, shelving units, and other warehousing equipment to ensure maximum liquidation value.

    We also decommission ageing equipment approaching their end-of-life cycle to prepare upgraded equipment in response to changing industry standards. These removed assets undergo quality assurance testing and are reconfigured or refurbished for future use or disposed of sustainably to reduce environmental impact.


    Michael’s Global Trading recognizes the unique challenges of asset handling in the food industry. Aside from high-value commercial appliances and equipment, restaurants maintain large inventory quantities that require food-safe handling in the event of a shutdown, relocation, or other transition.

    We work with restaurants to determine high-value kitchen equipment for liquidation at maximum value and arrange for the sustainable decommissioning of older equipment that cannot be refurbished or repurposed. Our goal is to maximize the recovery value of excess, obsolete, and underperforming merchandise and inventory to facilitate the settlement of outstanding accounts and a seamless transition to future ventures to boost sales and profits.


    Manufacturing companies rely on heavy machinery and industrial equipment for day-to-day operations. We recognize that manufacturing equipment is expensive and valuable — and our handling reflects that to maximize your investment.

    Our manufacturing liquidation and decommissioning services include handling forklifts, pump trucks, conveyors, racking, packaging and processing equipment, and general administrative equipment. We expertly dismantle, pack, and ship these items with specialized cargo and logistics services or put them up for sale at maximum asset recovery value.


    Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers use specialized equipment in material handling, packaging, logistics, and other similar operations. When regular operations cease or processes are updated, existing equipment needs to be liquidated to earn back working capital, or deprecated in preparation for sustainable disposal.

    Our industry-grade liquidation and decommissioning services include general equipment handling, sale, and sustainable disposal to help distributors earn back capital from idle, surplus, and underperforming merchandise and inventory and transition smoothly to new ventures. We help distributors improve inventory management, liquidate underperforming stocks and old equipment to increase cash flow, promote solvency, or help settle outstanding accounts.


    Michael’s Global Trading is fully equipped to handle and liquidate or decommission heavy equipment, such as dozers, loaders, excavators, forklifts, compactors, backhoes, and heavy haul trucks that contractors rely on to build stable infrastructure. We offer a complete cargo and logistics service for safe and efficient equipment handling, removal, and transport of high-value or deprecated machinery for sale, reconfiguration, or disposal.

    Our liquidation and decommissioning services help contractors build better. Each equipment is carefully certified through our rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that they are in good condition for sale and refurbishing or require disposal. We help contractors prepare for new ventures, relocate, or expand by managing valuable construction assets and promoting upgrades to match changing building practices and standards.


    The success of retail is in pushing out inventory to realize profit against production expenses, but not all brands and products make the cut. Ineffective advertising and slow customer response may result in excess and underperforming merchandise, which need to be offloaded to make up for dismal sales.

    We help retailers maximize profit by offloading surplus inventory through tailored liquidation programs. Our inventory monitoring, consulting and advertising, and acquisition and markdown resale solutions help brands recover lost capital for future ventures with the goal of optimized performance or manage store closings and settle creditor accounts. We also purchase surplus inventory then apply storage, staging, and auction or resale solutions to balance inventory and restore healthy cash flow.


    Can’t find your industry or require custom asset removal solutions? Michael’s Global Trading is constantly developing liquidation and decommissioning solutions to respond to different industries' equipment handling and inventory management needs, including healthcare.

    For healthcare companies, we offer specialized liquidation and decommissioning services to handle medical equipment like diagnostic imaging, patient monitors, ventilators, hospital beds, laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, and more. Our guarantee is safe and sterile equipment handling from dismantling and packing to transport for sale, refurbishing, or disposal as medical waste. Under our care, medical equipment and tools will not expose practitioners, patients, and staff to safety hazards.

    Commercial Offices









    We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!

    Gameloft Toronto

    Thank you so much for easing a little of my pain in closing the business. It has been bitter/sweet for me moving into my next chapter and leaving behind a branch that I managed for 34 yrs. You were readily available to give a quote after your on site visit, but then plans changed as some furniture was sold and you altered the first quote fairly. I was so surprised on how quickly you handled the project. Your organizational ability made it a smooth move, with no damages to walls. Marlon you have excellent customer service skills, glad that I found you and your company.

    Diana, Pal Personnel Services

    One of our employees told us to use Kijiji to sell our entire office equipment. This was something new for us and completely tedious. We’ve seen one of Michaels Global Trading’s advertisements and reached out. We were shocked how prompt they came to our location to see what we had for sale. They made a fair offer on the spot to purchase everything and quickly scheduled a time to bring a truck for pick up. Thanks guys!

    Linda, Executive Office Suites

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    What's the difference between a furniture broker and a furniture wholesaler?
    A furniture broker will connect a seller of furniture and a dealer that purchases stock and collect commission for the sale. A furniture wholesaler buys large lots of furniture and resells in small lots to other dealers and end users.
    How do I safely wipe data from my IT equipment before removal?
    Currently, Michaels Global Trading doesn’t offer data destruction services, although we are happy to help you dispose of other types of e-waste. We recommend removing and destroying your hard drive directly or working with a certified data destruction company. This ensures all sensitive files are removed from IT equipment before it is resold.
    How do large companies recycle electronics?
    Many large businesses partner with recycling experts to ensure all electronics are properly disposed of. Depending on the number of electronics decommissioned on a regular basis, the recycling specialist may leave a bin on-site at the business to be filled and picked up. In cases of large-scale electronics recycling, such as the downsizing or closing of a business, decommissioning professionals like Michaels Global Trading will come to your business, assess individual electronic components, and deliver unusable items to the proper recycling facilities.
    How can our business dispose of electronics responsibly?
    In North America there are strict guidelines on the disposal of e-waste, especially batteries, cathode ray tubes and wiring. Fortunately, up to 97% of the electronics in your business can be recycled, minimizing your carbon footprint.
    Eco-Friendly SolutionFor used office furniture

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