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Brainhunter Systems Ltd

BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! That’s how we would describe Michaels Global Trading. They took all the headaches for our office move, decommissioning office cubicle, and did everything at a great price. They planned everything ahead of time and were on time to finish the job. Marlon, Mario, and team were extremely professional. They were fast to respond, fair in prices, and extremely service oriented. We would recommend them to companies who are planning an office move or decommissioning office furniture or equipment. – Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Gameloft Toronto

We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!


How do I safely wipe data from my IT equipment before removal?

Currently, Michaels Global Trading doesn’t offer data destruction services, although we are happy to help you dispose of other types of e-waste. We recommend removing and destroying your hard drive directly or working with a certified data destruction company. This ensures all sensitive files are removed from IT equipment before it is resold.

How do large companies recycle electronics?

Many large businesses partner with recycling experts to ensure all electronics are properly disposed of. Depending on the number of electronics decommissioned on a regular basis, the recycling specialist may leave a bin on-site at the business to be filled and picked up. In cases of large-scale electronics recycling, such as the downsizing or closing of a business, decommissioning professionals like Michaels Global Trading will come to your business, assess individual electronic components, and deliver unusable items to the proper recycling facilities.

How can our business dispose of electronics responsibly?

In North America, there are strict guidelines on the disposal of e-waste, especially batteries, cathode ray tubes and wiring. Fortunately, up to 97% of the electronics in your business can be recycled, minimizing your carbon footprint.

Our business is interested in donating our used office furniture. Where do we go?

Depending on your location, you may choose a local charity, community organization, or shelter to donate your equipment to. In the greater Toronto area, we often recommend Habitat for Humanity as a recipient.