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Michaels Global Trading was founded in 2013. We started out of a storage locker with our operations solely based on buying electronics. As the company grew the scope of our activities has expanded to include appraisals, auctions and liquidations across a wide range of industries throughout North America.

Operating as boutique firm MGT over the years has evolved into a leadership position by maintaining a high level of professionalism, quality service and transparency. Our clients include commercial and industrial corporations, bankruptcy trustees, financial institutions, government entities, retailers and business owners.

You Are Our Focus

We know that integrity and honesty are key to a mutually rewarding relationship. Our goal is to fulfill our commitments to our clients by listening to their needs and executing our strategies to the best of our abilities, all while being 100% transparent in our deals and staying in touch through the process. We believe in timely communication, and strive to respond to all inquiries within 2-4 hours.

What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors?

Our differentiating factor is our speed to have a business liquidated and premises cleared.


A business went bankrupt in Whitby, Ontario and they had office furniture, warehouse equipment and other consumer goods. They had offers on parts of the deal, but they wanted to deal with one company to get everything out. They chose us because we made a fair offer and could move everything within a week’s time.

We are able to execute this strategy because MGT utilizes a lean business model where most of our products are brokered. By diversifying our product dealings, we can adequately deal with market changes.

Some of the ways that we dispose of assets include:

  • Inventory sales – Where we sell your merchandise and assets over a long time while they sit in our warehouse
  • Auctions – Where we arrange for on-site or online bidding for your assets
  • Whole lot purchases – An option for businesses with specialised assets where we find a buyer in the same industry to buy everything in one fell swoop

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Michaels Global trading has the resources, experience, financial muscle and global contacts in our database to deliver the most value for your excess assets. Call us today to discuss your unique needs.


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Michaels Global Trading

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