Why Unwanted IT Assets Should Be Recycled

15 Jun 2022
IT equipment removal

Reputable companies update their IT department with the latest technologies regularly. Each year these businesses build up redundant IT and electronic equipment they may never use again. Some of these companies may need to dispose of their redundant IT equipment after a while.

A safe and eco-friendly way of IT equipment removal businesses should adopt is recycling. Also, there are several other reasons to recycle unwanted IT assets, such as:

  • To Protect Sensitive Data
  • Legal Compliance
  • To Save Money
  • Recycling Conserves Energy

To Protect Sensitive Data

Before disposing of IT equipment, most businesses ensure that all delicate files are deleted, and the equipment is returned to the factory setting. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t remove all the data on those IT devices. This implies that sensitive information can still be recovered from the devices. If this data gets into the wrong hands, it can be used to hurt the company in various ways.

Recycling such sensitive devices is an efficient IT equipment removal method. The recycling process of IT equipment involves using a professional data wiping system to clean the appliances. This helps to prevent unwanted data breaches.

Legal Compliance

Many states and provinces have placed bans on using landfills and incineration for disposing of IT equipment like computers. This is because this equipment contains hazardous materials. There are also other regulations on the disposal of IT equipment. The safest way to avoid breaking the law when disposing of IT equipment is by recycling. Recycling is a secure, reliable, eco-friendly, and accepted method of waste disposal.

To Save Money

Companies can generate extra revenue from their unwanted IT equipment. This is even better when working with reputable IT equipment disposal companies. These companies will not only recycle IT devices, but they can also help to sell them for reasonable prices. In fact, they are usually connected to several companies willing to buy recycled IT equipment.

Recycling Conserves Energy

Another reason to recycle IT equipment is that recycling helps to save a lot of energy. The amount of energy saved from recycling yearly can power about 14 million homes a year. That is an enormous amount of energy saved. Also, it helps to save raw materials, as fewer materials are needed for making new IT equipment. Natural resources such as metals, water, and oil are conserved when IT equipment is recycled. This helps to conserve more energy further.

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