Pallet Rack Liquidation Services

If you are looking to restructure or downsize your business operations, get rid of extra warehouse equipment, or perhaps you are going out of business and need to raise some funds through pallet rack liquidation, Michaels Global Trading can guide you through this daunting process and help you get a fair value for your business assets.

MGT specializes in finding buyers for used pallet racking for sale and converting other fixed warehouse assets into liquid assets with the greatest value possible and in a timely manner.

Typical Warehouse Racking Systems and Styles

Some of the used pallet racking styles and systems we have helped to liquidate in Ontario include:

Pallet Racks

These are the main components of a standard warehouse facility. Stand-alone pallet racks can be used to store pallets, or used as part of an intricate engineered system for Pallet Flow or Carton Flow systems as discussed below.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are designed without any aisle frames, which makes them suitable for storing loads of different lengths and proportion such as tubing, furniture, carpet rolls, and lumber. The absence of the front column and horizontal obstructions – found in traditional pallet racks – allow flexible access to the entire length of the rack from the front during storage.

Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks are a great addition to a busy warehouse as they facilitate smooth inventory flow with the FIFO – First In, First Out approach for a stock that needs rotation and order accuracy. They increase space efficiency and reduce the cost of labor by up to 75%. These systems use gravity-feed rollers, with each unit comprising one or multiple inclined roller runways. Items are loaded from the rear of the runway and removed from the front, such that the item directly behind slides forward to occupy the empty space.

Drive-In Racks

These are used for high-density storage to maximize the storage capacity per square foot of the space. These are recommended for businesses looking to expand their facility and attain high volume storage at a low cost. These racks employ the LIFO – Last In, First Out – storage system since the material is stored and retrieved from the same side. Drive-in racks are suitable for storing products where shelf life is not a major factor, like in cold storage environments.

Push Back Rack

These give you more options while offering similar storage density per sq. ft. as drive-thru and drive-in racks. Once you place a new load into the lane, the previous loads are “pushed back” in the same order of loading. Conversely, if you remove the first load, the other loads move forward to occupy the vacant spot, in a LIFO inventory management system. Depending on the size of the rack, you can easily store product 2-5 pallets deep using front-only loading per aisle.

Wire Deck

This is an economical add-on for new pallet rack installations. They can also be used to upgrade an existing rack system by increasing its structural strength. The wire deck is made of tough and long-lasting wire construction and metal supports. The deck meets fire safety codes, provides great visibility for content during inspections, and allows for air circulation while minimizing dust and debris buildup.

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MGT has been in the business of selling used warehouse racking systems in Ontario since 2015. We have a proven record of efficient liquidation processes to get you the best value for your business assets in the shortest time.


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