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Michaels Global Trading (MGT) provides complete warehouse equipment liquidation services. If your business is looking to downsize or permanently close its warehouse operations, we can help you sell off your warehouse lift trucks at the best value possible and without delay.

We arrange for the sale of all kinds of equipment used for warehouse lifting operations, including forklifts, electric lift trucks, and more.

Wholesale Lift Trucks For Quick Sale

We liquidate all kinds of forklifts, fork trucks, pallet jacks, and lifting equipment in North America. These warehouse equipment perform the same fundamental functions – lifting, transporting and lowering, though some are obviously better suited for specific applications than others.

The type of fuel used is one of the key factors for choosing the right type of forklift for your applications. We find that battery-powered and electric lift trucks are preferred for indoor operations as they don’t emit toxic fumes in facilities with employees. Other options are powered by LPG fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, propane fuel, or a combination of these fuels.

Fork trucks can also be categorized based on their weight lift capacity and maximum reach – raised and lowered vertical levels.

Some of the types of forklifts and warehouse lift trucks that we liquidate include:

All Terrain And Rough Terrain Forklifts

These are powered by a gas or diesel combustion engine and are mostly used for outdoor activities in construction sites, farms, and ranches, among others. They can easily pick up loads in unusual positions and haul them through steep slopes and have no problem navigating through the rough or uneven terrain. They come with many practical features for safety and comfort, such as safety bars, automatic transmission, and enclosed cabs.

Cushion Tire Forklifts

Also referred to as electric or hard tire gas trucks, cushion tire forklifts are recommended for indoor-only lifting applications. They are electric, LP, gas, or propane powered, and usually, come with separate forklift batteries and chargers. They can be driven on smooth concrete or blacktop comfortably but can be quite troublesome on rough surfaces.

The cushion tires are made of hard rubber material that does not puncture, which makes them easier to maintain and more compact and maneuverable than their pneumatic counterparts. However, this property also makes them poor at absorbing shock. The typical load capacity is up to 15,000 lbs.

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

These forklifts come with air-filled tires and rims – such as those used for motor vehicles. The composition and size of tires depend on the load capacity of the forklift.

Low-pressure pneumatic tires are larger in size. Their higher air volume gives them a large footprint that reduces the pressure exerted on the path – the warehouse floor – and improves shock absorption for superior safety and comfort and minimal damage on the floor surface. High-pressure pneumatic tires are less comfortable but work well on quality, solid floors.

Other types of warehouse lifting trucks that we can help to sell include:

  • Side Loader forklift lifting trucks – for picking wide loads
  • Three-wheel forklifts – for tighter turning-angles
  • Walk-behind stackers – for superior versatility
  • Swing-reach forklifts – for accessing tight spaces
  • Order pickers
  • Narrow aisle & scissors reach forklifts

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Whether you have a single electric lift truck or an entire fleet of forklift trucks, MGT will help you get the best value for your electric, diesel, and LPG forklift, and other type of warehouse lift truck you may have.


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