Warehouse Equipment Liquidation Services

Michaels Global Trading is a leader in warehouse equipment liquidation. When you want to downsize your company, or when faced with bankruptcy, you will need to sell off some or all of your business assets – liquidate. This will raise some capital to maintain a fraction of your operations or to pay off debt and vacate your commercial space.

Take advantage of our vast network to liquidate everything from yard ramps, to pallet racking systems to dock equipment. Our specialists will help you get the best value for your used warehouse equipment in Toronto, including:

Boltless Shelving Liquidation

These can be used for different purposes including storage and archive shelving, and even as workbenches. We will help you find a buyer for your boltless shelving.

Access Ramp Liquidation

If you have an access ramp in your warehouse that you no longer have a use for, we can find another facility that may need it to access loading docks. The expected value depends on the condition of the access ramp(s).

Cantilever, Bulk And Carton Flow Rack Liquidation

Cantilever racks are designed without aisle frames, which makes them suitable for storing long items such as tubing, furniture, carpet rolls and lumber.

Bulk racks are ideal for keeping your retail, commercial or industrial materials in an organized manner.

Carton flow racks are a great addition to a busy warehouse as they facilitate smooth inventory flow with the FIFO – First In, First Out approach. They increase space efficiency and reduce the cost of labor by up to 75%.

We will help you sell your racks for fair market value.

Pallet Jacks & Racking Liquidation

Pallet jacks are the low-cost alternative to forklifts. The hydraulic system makes it easy to move heavy pallets in and out of the warehouse. Of course, you need pallet racking systems to handle your items safely in the warehouse. If you want to liquidate these assets, we will help you get a fair market value for them.

Hand Trucks & Carts Liquidation

Warehouse carts and hand carts are important warehouse equipment for organized material handling. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes for lightweight to heavy duty applications. We will help you get the best value from the liquidation.

Conveyor Liquidation

Large distribution centers and warehouse facilities need conveyors to optimize productivity. We can help to sell used conveyors.

Lockers & Cabinets Liquidation

Cabinets and lockers are necessary for safekeeping of any unattended personal possessions or business materials in the workplace. If you no longer have a use for your cabinets and lockers, we can help to liquidate them.

Lift Tables & Work Positioners Liquidation

These fully adjustable, weight sensitive, and self-leveling work platforms are essential for ergonomic work handling. With the adjustable height, you can reduce physical strain and maximize employee efficiency. We can get a fair price for it.

Other used warehouse equipment that we can help to liquidate in Toronto include:

  • Mezzanines
  • Warehouse shelving
  • Storage bins
  • Steel rolling ladders
  • Workbenches
  • Cages and wire partitions
  • Yard ramps
  • Warehouse furniture liquidation

Michaels Global Trading will help you liquidate all your used warehouse equipment in Toronto at a fair market value.


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