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Closing one or multiple rented or even company-owned facilities, plants, or buildings is a daunting task. Michaels Global Trading can assist with everything, including the removal and liquidation of the specialty equipment in your distribution or manufacturing facility, data center gear, inventory, office furniture, computer equipment, and even the lockers in your bathrooms.

Michaels Global Trading has become a recognized asset recovery company in Markham. Our clients choose our services over other providers because of our flexible services, our professionalism, ability to stick to schedules, and our full-service package that starts with appraisal and ends with cleaning and restoring your premises to their original good condition. We have the skills and resources to manage the asset recovery needs of all sizes of companies in many different sectors since we tailor our services to suit any situation.

Whether you’re looking to remove your assets from an office building, want to liquidate several items in a single run, or perhaps you need regularly scheduled pickups for large warehouse or data processing operations, we can design the ideal asset recovery or disposal strategy that fits your needs.

Office Equipment Removal

Businesses in Markham turn to Michaels Global Trading when they’re planning a hassle-free and efficient office furniture and equipment liquidation activity with favourable gains.

Our specialists are easy to work with, as they have the skills, resources, networks, and professionalism to not only coordinate with your management team for transparency but also find the right buyers for your equipment. It is important to ensure a pleasant experience during this busy and stressful period of shutting down, downsizing, or moving your operations.

Our liquidation specialists can help all kinds of businesses get rid of their office, industrial, laboratory, or medical equipment and furniture promptly and profitably. Some of the items that we can liquidate include reception desks, computer chairs, executive suite furniture, modular workstations, guest chairs, lobby furniture, lab benches, break room furniture, network cables, electrical components, raw materials, inventory, and much more.

IT Asset Recovery

When your organization needs IT asset recovery in Markham, you can depend on our professionals at Michaels Global Trading to design an approach that works best for your situation. With our skills, resources, and network, we can handle the asset recovery needs for all sizes of businesses and a range of IT equipment. From one-time asset pickups to regular schedules equipment removal, we can manage the situation for your convenience. Even if you need a one-time, large-scale asset recovery project for a facility shut down, office furniture liquidation, or IT liquidation, our specialists can handle the asset removal process.

Some of the IT assets that we recover include laptops and computers, servers, generators, network and power cables, and more. We not only appraise and remove the items from your premises but also allow you to keep track of them for transparency. Our asset management system gives you access to accurate, real-time information on the status of each item, including those that have been sold and the amount obtained for proper auditing.

Warehouse Equipment Removal

Often, warehouses and manufacturing facilities have trouble finding the right, specialized buyers for their surplus inventory, raw materials, or equipment. After all, these specialized items are only valuable for very specific people in specific industries. Working with warehouse equipment removal specialists allows you to leverage our marketing networks in the distribution industry, not only in Markham but also across Canada and the globe, to sell your equipment fast and at an acceptable price.

We have worked with many industry professionals, and have established great relations with many clients. Your employees might not have access to such connections if they tried to sell the warehouse equipment on their own. Our specialists bridge the gap between your unused or old warehouse and distribution center equipment with warehouse owners in-need. We can sell your items as they are, or refurbish them to fetch a better price or move them to our warehouse while waiting for a suitable buyer to free up your space.

When it comes to industrial liquidation and disposing of material-handling equipment, certain legal requirements must be met. If not done properly, any electronic waste will degrade and release toxic byproducts that could cause health concerns and environmental pollution. Working with Michaels Global Trading ensures that any items that cannot be sold for a profit are properly disposed of according to the environmental and ethical guidelines.

Facility Decommission and Equipment Removal

When you’re looking to shut down your operations in Markham, whether it’s a manufacturing plant, data center, or another type of facility, there are many assets that you need to manage, while handling a variety of services to prepare the premises for sale, lease, or return. Michaels Global Trading can handle some parts of your decommissioning and equipment removal project for successful facility shutdown.

We realize that most companies have overlapping areas of accountability when it comes to managing their assets. Moreover, liquidating large quantities of equipment and assets requires skilled and proficient strength to adhere to the set schedules while reaching out to the right markets for speedy liquidation. Our asset removal specialists at Michaels Global Trading can coordinate with the concerned departments in your facility to meet all the requirements for quick and efficient asset removal while maximizing your gains.

With our extensive resale network across the country, continent, and even world, we can assist you with everything you need to shut down or move from your facility, from the removal of computer equipment and office furniture to the resale of manufacturing equipment and employee lockers in your facility.

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