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Michaels Global Trading is the answer to all your asset liquidation, office furniture and equipment removal, and facility decommissioning needs. We provide professional appraisal, removal, sales, and liquidation services for your old furniture and equipment, surplus inventory, and other assets when planning to shutdown or relocate your premises. From removing a few excess chairs and desks to completely clearing a large office with cubicle systems —- panels, network cables, electrical components, and more —- our liquidation specialists have the skills, resources, and network to manage your situation in a timely and efficient manner.

We realize that most companies have overlapping areas of accountability when it comes to managing their assets. Liquidating large quantities of equipment and assets requires skilled and proficient strength to adhere to the set schedules while reaching out to the right markets for speedy liquidation.

Our asset removal specialists at Michaels Global Trading can coordinate with the concerned departments in your facility to meet all the requirements for quick and efficient asset removal while maximizing your gains. With our extensive resale network across the country, continent, and the world, we can assist you with everything you need to shut down or move from your facility, from the removal of computer equipment and office furniture to the resale of manufacturing equipment and employee lockers in your facility.

Office furniture removal

The nature of office equipment, especially those based on technology, is such that they’re constantly evolving and improving. As a result, businesses find it necessary to regularly remove any obsolete equipment from their premises and update their operations with advanced and more convenient technologies. If you’re planning on removing your outdated office equipment and replacing it, you can consult Michaels Global Trading in Brampton to handle the removal and liquidation process for you.

Our professional team can help with IT asset disposition of devices such as laptops, computers, servers, phone systems, servers, network cables, and such items that clutter up your office space. Once you contact us, our team arrives at your premises to appraise the items and pick them up for disposition. To ensure that sensitive data is not revealed, we begin by processing the e-waste, erasing the data or mechanically destroying the hard drives, and then preparing the equipment for resale, re-use, or recycling.

Warehouse Equipment Removal

Michaels Global Trading specializes in selling used warehouse and distribution center equipment when planning to close down, get rid of unused equipment, or downsize your operations. We take pride in providing prompt, responsive, courteous, and professional removal and liquidation services. We quickly respond to any call, with our specialists coming to your location to understand your unique needs so that we can tailor our services according to your situation.

The time required for warehouse equipment removal process depends on several factors, like:

  • Whether some areas of the warehouse are still operational
  • If you are closing the entire warehouse
  • The amount of material that needs to be removed
  • The nature of reinforcements (bolting to the ground) that may require more work.

We recommend contacting us with your liquidation plans when you have a few months to plan, as this provides a buffer for your project to complete according to your preferred timeline. Depending on the urgency of the situation, the equipment can be moved to our warehouse and market it from there, so your location is free for repairs or vacated at the end of your lease contract.

For materials that are in poor shape, outdated brands, or cannot be resold for other reasons; we can provide teardown services to remove them from your location and arrange for responsible management of the waste according to the law. And as a full-service company, we also clean up after finishing with the racking and equipment removal work, making sure that the floors are swept, and all debris is properly disposed of.

Asset Recovery Services

When it comes to asset recovery services in Brampton, there’s no better provider than Michaels Global Trading. Our specialists are dedicated to maintaining a simple and straightforward asset recovery process that eliminates the hassle and stress from your staff by handling all the procedures from start to finish.

Every process starts by inviting our knowledgeable staff to your facility to assess the items and remove them from your site. Next, we carefully evaluate the inventory in a transparent process while allowing you to access this information and track your assets at any time. Our specialists establish the best way to handle each item, including destroying any sensitive data contained in your hard drives before disposing of the computers and laptops.

Depending on the specific item, it may undergo testing, and for items that cannot be sold, recycling or legal disposal. Functional items are appraised and re-marketed or stored in our warehouses until a suitable buyer or price can be achieved to maximize your profits. We arrange for the sale process and ensure that all payments reach you on time, including detailed reports of the sold assets.

Whether you’re planning data center decommissioning, facility shutdown, office relocation, or similar processes, Michaels Global Trading specialists can help you dispose of different items, including computers and laptops, servers, generators, network equipment, telephone systems, cables, and so on, through a stress-free process and for optimal gains.

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Michaels Global Trading can help to remove and liquidate or recycle the items that you no longer need for business, whether it is excess inventory, old office furniture or equipment from decommissioning your facility. We work with various stakeholders within your organization, including production managers, finance managers, facilities managers, and IT managers, to streamline the process and promote transparency and accountability. We’re capable of handling entire removal projects, from appraisal to liquidation and sweeping the premises, with great proficiency and speed to fit your schedule.

We have the experience, knowledge, and access to a global marketing network to liquidate your business assets in quantity, on time and to your satisfaction. This way, you can focus your time and energy on your core competencies.

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