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If you are planning to permanently close the doors of your local hardware due to considerable reduction in foot traffic, then Michaels Global Trading specialist can help you set up a hardware liquidation sale to get you some capital for your next venture.

We realize how much work goes into stocking a local hardware store, from identifying the right product mix for your regular customers to building sufficient inventory as per your community needs. And when you don’t get the necessary foot traffic to your store, then it means that you won’t be getting a good return on your investment.

As professional hardware store liquidators, we can help you recover some of your capital by selling off your business stock at a fair market value. Some of the items available for sale may include:

  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Fixtures
  • Electrical and plumbing tools
  • Shelves
  • Sheds

In most cases, any inventory that can be removed from the store is up for sale.

What to Expect

To have an organized hardware store liquidation process, we usually work out a few things with the client first, including:

  • Identifying how many locations the store has, and how much inventory in those stores will be liquidated
  • Creating a detailed description of all the items that will be up for sale at each store location. We need to know the current selling price of each item – both store price and competitor price. We base our selling price on the lowest value among other hardware merchants, and then give the consumer a 20% discount to encourage them to purchase the item.
  • Agreeing on time scales and a pricing model. Although the liquidation sale may start with a 20% discount, the cost will continue to decrease as we are left with low quality or damaged items, and we may even give discounts of up to 80 or 90 percent.
  • The sale is not necessarily intended for getting rid of your own items. Depending on how many similar or complementary hardware materials we have from previous liquidations, we may consolidate the inventory to take full advantage of the shoppers available who don’t mind buying other items.

Hardware liquidators usually take advantage of the media attention given to local stores that are going out of business. This causes shoppers to flood the store in search of great deals at great prices. Most shoppers are happy buying the items at a 20% discount from the actual market price.

But after some time, when all or nearly all good quality items are gone, the discount may be increased to between 30 and 40% to encourage sales. This continues until a discount of about 70 to 80% for ‘junk’ items is reached.

Any other items may be donated, recycled, or sold at a 90% discount for repurposing.

Fast And Hassle-free Liquidation

If you need to liquidate your business inventory quickly, our hardware liquidators will be ready to help you. We will assess all your items and give you the best possible value for your hardware inventory.


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