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Michaels Global Trading specializes in buying and selling new, in-the-box surplus home appliances, as well as those with a couple of shortcomings from their respective manufacturers at reduced prices.

We are committed to providing our clients with professional appliance sales and services. Our experienced appliance liquidators remove all kinds of appliances, from new Chinese and top name brands to pre-owned and like-new kitchen and laundry appliances at fair market prices. We have a wide selection of sizes, styles, and innovative technologies to meet every possible consumer needs.

What to Expect

As established appliance liquidators, we take pride in providing our buyers with modern, innovative, and fully-functional household appliances that revitalize their homes. Even the used appliances are in good working order and physically and aesthetically sound so they won’t detract from the space.

As such, we pay fair value for your kitchen and laundry appliances in their current condition or connect you with refurbishers who can spruce them up for resale, though they usually pay less depending on the extent of the damage. Other factors that may affect the quoted price include:

  • Warranty – One of the merits of buying new appliances is that they come with the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty for nearly-new appliances may still be valid and transferable to the new owner. Otherwise, we need to consider the age and risk of breakdown when pricing each appliance. Keep in mind that the same concerns would be expressed by the end-user since we cannot vouch for the reliability of used household appliances.
  • Repair and maintenance – Big household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and gas rangers often require minimal maintenance or repair. But they are also the most expensive items when purchased brand new. This is perhaps because they can last for decades without any maintenance. So surplus or dented new, big appliances in the manufacturer’s warehouse, as well as used ones can give you a fairly high market value. Gas cooktops and built-in refrigerators, on the other hand, can be quite troublesome and are likely to get purchased at a lower price.
  • Brand – Consumers today are tech savvy and can easily research new brands to find out what previous buyers have to say about specific products. A quick web search can reveal loads of complaints and frustrations with a particular brand, making it harder to sell some appliances, even if they come with a warranty. Reducing the cost of the appliance may be the only way to make a sale.
  • Popularity – Most consumers feel comfortable when purchasing popular brands and models of appliances because they know that replacement parts will be available if and when that time comes. For instance, if your hot water heater gets damaged in the dead of winter, you need the professional contractor to have expertise fixing your particular model. So an unpopular brand, even for a new or gently-used appliance, will earn you less money when liquidated.

As the leading appliance liquidators in Toronto, MGT has the ability to purchase many home appliances without delay. We will give you an accurate quote based on the current market prices and condition of the appliance, and give you the funds you need to continue with your operations.

We are a green company and are fully committed to handling our operations in an Eco-friendly and sustainable way.


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