Computer / IT Equipment Moving

Michaels Global Trading is equipped to handle your computer and IT equipment transport. Our processes are efficient and tailored to your needs, and our services provide privacy and security for your sensitive equipment and information. With years of industry experience and expertise, our team is prepared to assist you in making your move a smooth, stress-free process.

No matter where or why you need to move your computers, IT equipment, or data centres, this is a move that requires care and consideration. We put the care and attention into your move that your data centres deserve, and you can trust us to safely and efficiently move your equipment.

Moving an entire data centre or a large number of computers and IT equipment involves organization, tools and knowledge to both disassemble and reassemble, and the right means of transport including packaging. Michaels Global Trading comes prepared with the right equipment for your move and the technical knowledge to understand your systems and what is needed to both keep them safe during disassembly and reassembly.

You can count on your computers and IT equipment being transported safely; with Michaels Global Trading, you can be sure there will be no confusion about which cables belong to which item or where something may have gotten lost along the way. If you are looking to relocate computers or IT equipment today, look no further than Michaels Global Trading.

The Moving Process

Like any large move, there is a fair amount of planning involved in safely and effectively transporting your computers and other IT equipment between spaces. As you can imagine, moving as a whole is difficult, even without a vast array of computers and IT equipment in the mix. This is why Michaels Global Trading is here to make the move easier by handling all your computers and IT equipment.

Whether a short or long distance move, our process involves an initial meeting and evaluation of the spaces and equipment that needs to be transported. This way, we can be best prepared to handle your valuable equipment. We can work with your situation and prepare for circumstances that may be exclusive to your situation.

We work together to schedule a day to move that works for all parties involved and come ready with all the tools and packaging needed to make it happen. With years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all and we are prepared for the unexpected. We’re ready to make your computer and IT equipment move as smooth as possible.

Michaels Global Trading is a group of professionals experienced in dealing with computers and IT equipment. Our team has the expertise to move:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Large scale production devices
  • Storage Facilitates
  • Phone Systems
  • Servers

Of course, we are not limited to the list above so if you have any computers or IT equipment that require relocation, you can contact Michaels Global Trading for an honest assessment of your situation and whether we are able to assist.

Privacy Protection

You can rest easy knowing that the team at MGT respects the privacy of your information and can guarantee a discreet and secure move. We understand that IT equipment can often hold sensitive documentation; this information will be kept safe and secure during the entire moving process. We will ensure your privacy and security standards are met.

Following the move, we can ensure that none of your private information or equipment gets left behind. Anything that we have access to will be appropriately reassembled, disposed of, or moved as instructed.

Michaels Global Trading is here to ensure that your computers and IT equipment are relocated safely, efficiently, and successfully. Get a quote today for your computer and IT moving needs!


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