Michaels Global Trading helps businesses across North America as they liquidate their office furniture, IT equipment, construction equipment, and more!

Construction Equipment Handling, Decommissioning, and Liquidation in Canada

 Construction Equipment Handling

At Michaels Global Trading, we work with construction firms of all sizes, across a wide range of industry niches. From real estate to industrial contracting, we understand the amount of work that goes into decommissioning a construction site and we’re here to help.

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Types of Construction Equipment We Manage

While the equipment in use varies depending on the job and worksite, most construction companies have an assortment of machinery on hand at any given time. Michaels Global Trading manages an assortment of construction equipment, including:

  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Plows
  • Forklifts
  • Augers
  • Tow Trucks

We also manage in-office equipment, such as:

  • Computers
  • Filing systems
  • Seating
  • VOIP
  • Network systems
  • Security setups

Whether you need help indoors or out, Michaels Global Trading has the expertise to facilitate your move, merger, or remodel, ensuring all equipment with value offers some return on your initial investment, and all other components are dealt with appropriately.

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Reasons Construction Companies Use Liquidation Services

There are many reasons your company may need liquidation services for construction equipment, including:

  • Downsizing
  • Merger
  • New warehouse/office location
  • Company sale
  • Outdated supplies
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Bankruptcy

At Michaels Global Trading, we’re here to help with the heavy lifting so you can deal with the important parts of your business. Our team is experienced in multiple facets of the construction industry, and can help disassemble, organize, and designate an appropriate site for all your machinery.

Professional Appraisal Services for Construction Equipment

Professional Appraisal Services for Construction Equipment

Construction equipment isn’t like office furniture, the shelf life is much longer, and many pieces of machinery can be repaired, refurbished, and fine-tuned for many more years of use. With this in mind, we often urge our clients to opt for resale or liquidation when possible. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option, but it allows you to regain some of your initial investment before you close shop or move to purchase new equipment for your next location.

Michaels Global Trading offers professional certified appraisals, drawing on a range of evaluation methods. Each piece undergoes in-depth research to determine fair market price based on other equipment of the same quality and age, online journals, and our personal files.

Construction Removal and Recycling Services

Sometimes equipment is too far gone to repair or resell. In these instances, Michaels first investigates parts to make sure there is no value in any of the components within the machine being removed. Following this, we make every effort to recycle anything which can be saved from the landfill. Finally, anything which has no other avenue or use, is dealt with accordingly and sent to the appropriate facilities.

Removal and recycling of construction equipment in North America follows strict guidelines. There is a lot of spare metal in construction machinery, making it an asset even when out of commission.

Michaels Global Trading is familiar with all local disposal and recycling laws within the communities we serve. We can help you get your outdated and unusable construction equipment where it needs to be, avoiding confusion and any legal issues.

Construction Equipment Donation

Local charities are always thankful to receive, and there is a lot of value in unwanted construction equipment, especially if it can be used to benefit the community. We can help you determine whether your used equipment is a good fit for donation, and how it might best serve charities and local organizations in need.

Liquidation and Resale

Whatever your reason for liquidation, Michaels Global Trading will help you get the best possible evaluation for your machinery. There are three types of evaluation including:

  • Fair Market Value – The value of your machinery depends on many variables, including the cost of new equipment, values of equipment selling at similar age and quality, and blue book value. Fair market meets these evaluations somewhere in the middle.
  • Orderly Liquidation Value – If your construction equipment were being auctioned to the highest bidder, and you had the timeframe and budget to wait for a bid worth selling on, this would be considered the orderly liquidation value. It gives you some wiggle room in waiting for the best bid for your equipment, while still meeting auction evaluation standards.
  • Forced Liquidation Value – Forced liquidation occurs when there is no time to wait for the highest bid. In these cases, your equipment may sell for less than fair market value, but what you lose in evaluation is made up for in time saved.

Whatever your choice or requirement of evaluation, our liquidation facilitation services will guarantee you see some of your initial investment back in pocket.

Cargo Management and Logistics

Moving large-scale construction equipment isn’t as easy as packing up a small office space. There are regulations and specifications on transportation, safety, and packaging. Michaels Global Trading is familiar with these regulations. Our team specializes in:

  • Pick up and delivery
  • Packing and protection
  • Debris removal
  • Refurbishing
  • Disassembly and Recycling

Our team will work with you from beginning to end, leaving nothing behind, and getting everything you need to the places they are going on schedule and on budget.

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Michaels Global Trading has been working with construction companies across North American for nearly a decade. Our team is constantly watching for changes in city bylaws and fluctuations in sale value to guarantee our clients see the most beneficial decommission of construction equipment possible.

When you work with Michaels, you work with a team that cares about local businesses, the environment, and the future of North American construction.

Interested in learning more about Michaels Global Trading and our construction equipment decommission, liquidation, and retrieval services? We invite you to contact us at 1-888-902-7531 or visit our online contact page to get in touch.

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Brainhunter Systems Ltd
Brainhunter Systems Ltd

BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! That’s how we would describe Michaels Global Trading. They took all the headaches for our office move, decommissioning office cubicle, and did everything at a great price. They planned everything ahead of time and were on time to finish the job. Marlon, Mario, and team were extremely professional. They were fast to respond, fair in prices, and extremely service oriented. We would recommend them to companies who are planning an office move or decommissioning office furniture or equipment. – Brainhunter Systems Ltd.

Gameloft Toronto
Gameloft Toronto

We engaged Michaels Global Trading to remove and dispose a large quantity of office furniture during renovations. Marlon and his team were professional, efficient and made our jobs much easier. It was nice not having to deal with all those desks ourselves!


Is there an assurance of sale or price when liquidating construction equipment?

Normally we make an offer to purchase the construction equipment outright and our offer is either accepted or countered. An assurance is usually given when goods are going to auction or on a consignment deal.

Where is my equipment stored during liquidation?

That all depends on the type of liquidation strategy agreed upon. Equipment can either be sold from the sellers premises or removed and stored at the liquidator’s warehouse.

Is there any heavy equipment that is not able to be liquidated?

No. Most heavy equipment can be liquidated if it is in working condition.

What is a liquidation pallet?

A liquidation pallet is a term to describe a pallet of merchandise. This can be a pallet of retail merchandise, tool pallet, sports goods pallet and so on. Some liquidation companies specialize in selling merchandise by the pallet load.

How do liquidators work?

Liquidators work one of two ways. One being, liquidating the inventory and assets from the sellers premises via auction / private sale or buying the assets outright and removing them from the premises to sell on their own accord.

Do I have to wipe the data off my computer equipment before liquidating?

It is highly recommended to wipe all your data off your computers before liquidating. It is not advised to liquidate any equipment with sensitive information.

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