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When looking for full-service office equipment liquidation professionals in Toronto, you can count on Michaels Global Trading for a quick and stress-free experience.

Being a full-service office furniture liquidator means that we remove whatever you want us to sell. Unlike other office liquidators who specialize in the removal of specific equipment, furnishings or brands, which creates the hassle of finding different liquidators just to clear your office space, MGT buys and sells everything that you mark for sale, saving your company a lot of time, money and effort.

We don’t just select quality used executive office furniture for sale. When you contact MGT, we will happily liquidate all kinds of used office furniture and equipment including:

Computers and Related Hardware

Computers are essential for everyday office operations: to run critical business applications, collect and analyze data, produce reports, publish graphics, send communications, access the company website and social platforms and so on. To get maximum use of your computer, you need peripheral equipment to work alongside computer systems, such as:

  • Printers, which allow your employees to produce hard copies of various documents such as reports, memos, invoices, etc.
  • Scanners, which allow staff to reproduce graphics and documents in digital form onto computers.

Document Manipulation Equipment

Other useful machines found in most offices include:

  • Photocopiers – these allow your workforce to produce multiple copies of the same document for sharing with their colleagues, distributing to prospects and customers, or for reference.
  • Shredders – necessary for the destruction of documents containing sensitive business information such as customer data, individual or company accounts, business strategies, and so on, that could lead to devastating effects if leaked.
  • Dictation machines – these work better than speech recognition software for drafting memos, letters, and reports through speech.

Communication Equipment

In a busy business environment, you will be constantly communicating with your colleagues, suppliers, prospects, and consumers. You could communicate via email or other applications on your computer, but most offices also have a telephone system connecting the different offices and workstations for instant access. Other communication capabilities in the office include:

  • Conferencing systems – to allow multiple people to join in the conversation simultaneously
  • Message recording systems – to keep records of important conversations
  • Handsfree and noise-canceling headphones – to communicate while away from your workstation

Office Furniture

We can also get you the best possible value for your used office furniture in Toronto, including:

  • Cubicles
  • Reception, executive, and computer desks
  • Computer, executive, and guest chairs
  • Conference tables

As professional office furniture liquidators in Toronto, our services extend beyond what others in the industry offer. We not only remove all your office equipment but also get you the best value for your assets.

Having been in the office liquidation business since 2013, Michaels Global Trading has become recognized as a trustworthy liquidation partner. We realize that you want office furniture liquidators who can work fast, transparently, and give you the best value for your business assets. That is why we work diligently to create good connections across the globe that allow us to get the best deal as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to sell your used office furniture in Toronto today.


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