Office Furniture Donation and Recycling

Offices across Ontario are filled with furniture and equipment from filing cabinets and computer systems, to cubicle partitions and desk chairs. However, when a business closes or downsizes, these products are often left for management to dispose of, or liquidate in an ecologically appropriate way. This is where Michaels Global Trading’Global Trading’s office furniture, sustainables office furniture, sustainable decommissions, donations, and recycling services become helpful.

Office Furniture Donation & Recycling Services

Despite how large a company is, the disposal of furniture can be detrimental due to the impact on landfills, as well as the business’s finances. Working with office furniture recycling specialists reduces residual property stress and ensures the disposal is dealt with legally and beneficially. We maintain contact throughout the disposal process, providing information on product preparation for donation, as well as how to appropriately safeguard personal information on resale electronics.

Our role as authorities in the field of eco-friendly office furniture disposal is to connect with local businesses in need to ensure unwanted products are being reused rather than wasted. With nearly 2-decades of experience, our boutique firm can manage assets and surplus inventory quickly and efficiently, no matter your reason for furniture depletion. Resell, recycle, or donate – the decision is yours, and we will support you every step of the way.

Office Furniture Donation

Office furniture donations give businesses the chance to help the community by contributing to local charities and those in need. Donating office furniture benefits the donating business, as well as the recipients.

Advantages of donation include:

  • Reducing landfill waste
  • Providing resources to other small businesses
  • Offering fundraising opportunities for charities
  • Improving brand awareness and loyalty through opportunities for good press
  • Minimizing CO2e offset
  • Creating connections within the community

Office donation is a simple way to remove excess furniture from an office without worrying about red tape and recycling guidelines. Furthermore, working with a donation expert who specializes in office furniture ensures a timely and transparent process.

Office Furniture Recycling

There are very specific guidelines in Ontario regarding the recycling of electronic equipment and other office supplies. At Michaels Global Trading, we are familiar with these guidelines and restrictions and help companies avoid red tape and penalties by streamlining the office furniture recycling process.

Like office furniture donation, recycling has advantages such as:

  • Recycling saves companies money, and in some cases, earns money. For instance, some office materials are valuable and can be used for parts, resold, or broken down for raw materials.
  • Minimizes your company’s carbon footprint due to lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves energy
  • Conserves resources to produce future office furniture by companies who reused yours

Whether office furniture is reused by another company or broken down and recycled as independent parts, your business can easily eliminate unwanted belongings without hassle.

Sustainable Decommissions & Eco-friendly Disposal

Some materials in an office are not eligible for recycling or donation. In this case, Michaels Global Trading assists with office furniture sustainable decommissions and eco-friendly disposal. Our team guarantees the disassembly and proper organization of belongings into the categories of refuse and recycling. We collect and sort all items before disposal, leaving you free to focus on more pressing business matters.

Benefits of office furniture sustainable decommission include:

  • More time for business
  • Less confusion about what is permissible in the landfill
  • Proper disassembly by Michaels Global Trading before disposal commences
  • Unusable office supplies are disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible
  • Improves the image and reputation of your brand and business

Michaels Global Trading Buyback Process

Apart from office furniture recycling, donation, and sustainable decommissions, we also offer a buyback program. For companies unsure about what to do with leftover office equipment, or looking to liquidate assets quickly and fairly, Michaels Global Trading is always open to offering an equitable price on well-maintained, good quality office supplies.

Rather than tossing furniture and equipment into the landfill or dealing with sorting and recycling, our buyback program provides businesses with the opportunity to make back some of the money lost on these essentials. Even in cases where the furniture will not bring in enough to make it worth getting a buyer, Michaels Global Trading’s buyback offer can offset the cost of sustainable decommission.

Working with Michaels Global Trading for Your Unwanted Furniture

With nearly 2 decades of experience in office furniture eco-friendly disposal, liquidation, donation and recycling, Michaels Global Trading prides itself on our dedicated team, high-quality services, and professionalism. Fully bonded and insured, our team remains in contact with each client throughout the entirety of the office furniture recycling process. Each of our services is designed to reduce the stress companies experience during times of hardship and downsizing.

As a local Ontario company, we know our services are not just helping businesses, they are helping friends, neighbours, and fellow Canadian companies. As such, we strive to maintain transparency with our clients throughout the furniture disposal process. We believe that keeping our clients informed is the best way to reach a successful conclusion, no matter the reason for office furniture donations or decommissions.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors within this industry through:

  • Customizable office furniture donation and recycling plans
  • Fast and affordable services, no matter the size of the office
  • Guaranteed clear space within the allotted period for the contract
  • A diverse network of buyers ready to offer top dollar during liquidation
  • Community connections for access to recognizable and deserving local charities
  • Organized disassembly and sorting for office furniture and electronics

Some businesses are surprised to learn just how much value remains in products they have purchased for the office, even after they are no longer usable. For example, 97% of all electronics can be recycled and reused for parts, despite their functionality as a modern office tool. Responsible disposal reflects well on you as a business, and creates a healthier planet for tomorrow’s generation.

For more information on our services, or to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today, we invite you to call Michaels Global Trading at 888-471-5066.

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