Office Furniture & IT Equipment Removal

No matter the reason to vacate your office space, Michel’s Global Trading has a team ready and willing to work together with you to ensure your office furniture and IT equipment is safely and efficiently removed, and sustainably disposed of or repurposed.


Our team has the necessary tools and manpower needed to disassemble and dispose of your old furniture and equipment quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s the contents of your entire office contents, the majority of office furnishings, or only the IT equipment, Michaels Global Trading is happy to assist you in your removal and disposal process.

We offer a complete office furniture removal service, including the removal of cubicles, filing cabinets, chairs, desks, bookcases, carpet, IT equipment, and all other furnishings that are installed in a typical office space. MGT also offers buyback for quality equipment that we believe still holds value or use.

Our team pays attention to the finer details; no debris will be left behind — the floors will even be vacuumed before we leave. We openly communicate with our clients to ensure we leave the office space in a clean and acceptable condition that meets their expectations.

We accommodate any time that works for our clients — finding a time that is the right fit for everybody is one of the most important steps of the process. We understand that not everybody operates within the standard nine to five office hours; at Michaels Global Trading, we are open to accommodate a time that works for your office, even if it’s outside traditional business hours.

Our Disposal Process

We have sustainable recycling programs in place to properly and efficiently dispose of your old office furniture. You can be assured that if there is any part of your old office furnishings or IT equipment that can be recycled, it will be separated and disposed of properly. Through our programs established where we conduct office furniture removals, any old wood and metal furniture we collect gets recycled through our dealers. Office furniture that is in good condition will be resold or donated within North America to charitable causes.

IT equipment removal

Our Buyback Process

As long as the office furniture and computer equipment are up to date and in good condition, we won’t hesitate to make an offer to purchase the contents of your office. Michaels Global Trading offers a buyback program to ensure you are fairly compensated for the office equipment that is still in useable condition; there’s no reason for you not to receive value in return for office furnishings or IT equipment that you no longer have a use for.

To help a client recoup some of the cost of their decommission we place a value on the furniture that can be resold, therefore bringing down the cost of the overall job.

Questions about office furniture and IT equipment removal? Give us a call at 888-471-5066, or get a quote today!


How much do you tip for furniture removal?

Tipping is up to the client’s discretion.

Where can you donate used office furniture?

There are many places to donate used office furniture. Habitat For Humanity is one of the biggest in the GTA.

How do I safely wipe out all the data from my IT equipment before I get it removed?

You can remove the hard drive and destroy it or you can pay a certified destruction company to do it for you.

How do large companies recycle electronics?

Most large companies have contracts in place with recyclers where they fill a bin on-site and its either picked up on call or checked on a monthly basis.

How do you responsibly dispose of old electronics?

97% of old electronics can be recycled for scrap value.

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