Office Furniture & Computer Equipment Decommissioning

Michaels Global Trading provides assistance in office furniture and computer equipment decommissioning. Often times when organizations are looking to relocate offices to upgrade their spaces, there has been a need to update office furnishings and IT equipment along with the physical office areas. This leaves the office team with the responsibility of removing older office furniture and computer equipment.


We are here to assist in the decommissioning process of your office furniture and computer equipment. With years of experience in the disposal and repurposing of office furnishings and IT equipment, we are prepared with the knowledge and resources to best handle the furniture and computer equipment that is no longer needed in your office. Michaels Global Trading understands the need for eco-friendly and sustainable services and has a wealth of resources to ensure that your old office furniture and computer equipment is disposed of or repurposed in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Michaels Global Trading directly manages the deconstruction and removal process; items that cannot be repurposed are disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Items that are in good condition and can be considered for reuse can be sold or put up for auction.

Trust the team at Michaels Global Trading to effectively and sustainably handle your entire office decommissioning process. With clear communication about what items you are looking to remove from your former office space, we are here to help and support you every step of the way. You can rely on us to communicate regarding your needs and expectations, and to deliver a smooth and stress-free decommissioning process.

Recycling Initiatives

Here at Michaels Global Trading, we strive to handle your office furniture and computer equipment decommissioning in the most sustainable way possible. We are dedicated to leading eco-friendly and sustainable options in office decommissioning. This means adhering to progressive thinking as a part of our business, and reusing and refurbishing office furniture whenever possible. All furniture and equipment disposal is completed through avenues that take into consideration the environmental impact of decommissioning.

Through our years of experience handling office furniture and computer equipment disposal and refurbishment, we understand that the process can be daunting — because of this, we welcome you to ask questions and provide complete transparency in our decommissioning and recycling initiatives. We take pride in our efforts to maintain quality services and high standards for recycling of any office furnishings or computer equipment requiring disposal.

As a part of your community, Michaels Global Trading continues to deliver exceptional service at a high standard. Maintaining sustainable and eco-friendly practices in our decommissioning processes is only a small part of that. We hope that with these recycling initiatives you can be confident that your old office furniture is safely and sustainably disposed of, or repurposed.

office decommission

Why Choose Michaels Global Trading

Michaels Global Trading is your complete office furniture and computer equipment decommissioning service. We not only remove chairs and desks but take care to ensure that your old office is empty as the day you moved in, if not more so. We offer well-rounded, eco-friendly solutions and our team will communicate with you to understand needs, expectations, and the standards for the decommissioning process.

Filing cabinets, whiteboards, and drawers are just some examples of office furnishings that often get left behind in the midst of a hectic office relocation or move out. Michaels Global Trading is here to help you dispose of the old furniture that has been weathered beyond reuse, and find new homes for the pieces that can still be used.

We are committed to ensuring that our decommissioning solution is the right one for you; we understand that each situation is unique and whether it is a full or partial clear out of your space, we are here to assist you every step of the way. The team at Michaels Global Trading works with you to determine which items need to be disposed of and what can be repurposed.

Trust in Michaels Global Trading to successfully and reliably decommission your office spaces. With your unique situation in mind, the team will successfully dispose of or repurpose your old office furniture and computer equipment in a sustainable manner. Contact us to get a quote today for your office furniture and computer decommissioning.


What do I need to look out for in my commercial lease before going through with office space decommissioning?

The number one thing you should look out for in your commercial lease when decommissioning an office space is how the property management wants you to leave the space once vacated. There is a common term used in this industry called “landlord ready”. This means the space should be completely emptied – removing everything from the walls and ceiling and having the floors broom swepted.

Do all moving companies that offer transitional management solutions provide end-to-end office space decommission support?

Not all moving companies provide end to end support. Office space decommissioning is more than removing furniture and equipment. Sometimes it involves buying remaining assets to help the client balance out the cost of a decommission service.

What’s involved with office space decommission?

The first step is completing a walk through to get a detailed inventory and photos of what is to be decommissioned. The second step is to evaluate what has resale value or scrap metal value then subtract those numbers from the overall cost of the decommission. This process saves the client some money. After the quote is finalized another meeting takes place to discuss timelines, expectations and any other pertinent details. The movers then execute what has been planned by both parties.

What happens to the old furniture from my office space decommission?

We normally have 3 avenues for old furniture. It can either be resold domestically or internationally, donated or recycled.

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