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Looking to start a new business, or find new suppliers or manufacturers to replace your current ones? Or maybe you want to add new products to your existing product range? Michaels Global Trading is a leader in creating valuable partnerships for product sourcing companies that enable you to import new items or expand your export markets.

With years of experience working with different manufacturers and suppliers in a myriad of industries, we can help product sourcing companies find high-quality items at great prices. All you need to do is tell our product sourcing specialist what you need, including the key specifications and how much you are willing to pay, based on your own research.

With the information provided, our product sourcing specialists go to work on your behalf, searching for the products you are looking for, negotiating pricing, and reviewing contracts – all to satisfy your needs.

What Can MGT Product Sourcing Specialists Do For You?

Product sourcing companies can achieve as much as 20% or more reduction in total cost. Michaels Global Trading experts will:

  • Develop a list of suppliers – We identify potential suppliers based on product quality, quantity limits, cost, delivery requirements, and other specifications as directed by the client.
  • Request detailed information from selected potential suppliers – Our due diligence process involves extensive research via all channels, including face-to-face meetings for verification of company details – address, operating procedures, etc.
  • Request the quotation – We create and issue the RFP (Request for Proposal) or RFQ (Request for Quotation) documentation to shortlisted suppliers on behalf of the client.
  • Negotiate the price – We compare prices among the top suppliers as per the specifications of the client and then transfer the quotes that meet the client’s specifications for review and approval by the client.
  • Negotiate the contract – Our product sourcing specialists obtain and issue any vital documentation needed in the product sourcing process, or to facilitate the new business partnership between the supplier and our client. These documents include quality standard certifications, confidentiality agreements, joint venture agreements, and other certifications and agreements.

Depending on your needs, we may also provide other related services like:

  • Quality inspection
  • Supplier verification
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading supervision

Michaels Global Trading adheres to international ethical practices. All of our processes are transparent and act in the best interests of our clients.

Why Choose MGT for your Product Sourcing Needs?

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your product line, finding new products is a resource-intensive process that should not be rushed. We let you focus on your core business operations, while our product sourcing specialists handle the back and forth between the different parties when negotiating price, timelines, contracts, and ensure that suppliers meet all your specifications.

Our experts can narrow down your options to remove any scammers, fake businesses, and potential suppliers located in areas with stringent import/export custom laws, shipping challenges, and other unpredictable factors. While focusing on only the most practical suppliers, we reduce travel times and costs to help you find the best possible supplier without any of the daunting work. The alternative would be using an in-house employee to source the products.


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