Import & Export Brokering Services

Michaels Global Trading has years of experience working with companies looking to explore business opportunities to import and/or export from their home country.

Importing and exporting can be plagued with intricacies and uncertainties. Some of the common risks and challenges include finding products, manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers. Also, overcoming language and trade barriers, obtaining the right import-export documentation, freight costs, currency fluctuations, late, damaged, or incomplete shipments, and even the failure to receive payment.

We are fully aware of the challenges that import and export businesses face. MGT can connect you with import-export specialists to help beginners and professionals prepare for unforeseen events that often derail your operations so you can overcome any obstacles and build a successful company.

Import and Export Services

Through our professional brokering services, Michaels Global Trading offers a full range of services, including:

Quality Product/Service Selection

Depending on the route that your business has decided to take, we help you source the best products, connecting you with credible manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, and other key parties in your product lifecycle. Of course, you need to develop competitive pricing that takes into account your commission or profit margin.

Business Improvement Activities:

Our specialists analyze the costs and benefits of your current business processes, evaluate situational factors that may inhibit changes, and assess risks associated with various approaches of process changes. We also help you manage your import-export business requirements throughout the project lifecycle, and develop guidelines using our quality management skills to improve quality standards.

Freight Forwarding Services

Quality products and timely delivery are some of the biggest challenges in this industry. We help businesses to develop operational plans for intricate freight shipments; analyse different freight shipment options based on quotas, insurance, and prevalent tariffs. From there, we advise you on the most cost-efficient alternative and leverage our relationships with import and export customs authorities in various territories and countries to facilitate smooth customs clearance.

Export Documentation Services

We provide documentation services for businesses exporting goods from North America to various destinations across the globe, including letters of credit, hazardous materials certification, consular legalization, and other country-specific shipping documentation.

Not Sure How To Start Your China Import Business?

The low cost of production in China presents a huge opportunity for businesses. However, with an abundance of Chinese import companies, finding a credible one to work with can be tough. Most of the reputable companies are well-known and handle a specific minimum of orders that may inhibitive for new businesses. More affordable Chinese import companies, on the other hand, are not tested, and so you risk losing a bit of your capital through low-quality products.

This has, however, not stopped many people from importing from China. It’s all about finding the right partners at home and abroad, and Michaels Global Trading has all the connections you need.

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MGT stays up-to-date with all export and import shipping regulations, documentation, and the ever-changing requirements.

Whether you want to start importing from China or streamline your operations for expansion, Michaels Global Trading will ensure that your business is not affected by any unexpected external factors. Our specialists will help you build the import-export business empire you’ve always wanted.

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