How to Protect the Data on IT Assets

21 Jul 2022
IT equipment removal

Since technology is constantly developing, it is only natural for companies to consider upgrading IT equipment now and then. However, according to the statistics, only 41% of North Americans opt for IT equipment removal and recycling. Many companies hold onto their obsolete devices for longer.

When researchers investigated the numbers, they found the prime reason behind the fear of  IT equipment decommissioning to be theft and privacy invasion when it comes to confidential data. This fear creates a domino effect, preventing people from recycling their IT equipment.

Although this fear might grow into a much bigger concern, there is nothing to worry about. Businesses can adopt several data protection methods before hiring IT equipment removal services.

Why is Data Protection Important During Disposal?

There are various reasons why companies should ensure data protection before IT equipment removal. Some major reasons include:

● Prevention of fraudulent activities such as hacking and identity theft
● Maintaining the integrity of the data
● Ensuring that data remains confidential, especially when it comes to employee identity
● Blocking any form of Data breaches and cyberattacks
● Ensuring that the brand remains trustworthy due to strong data protection rules

Once the company understands why it is important to protect data before disposal, it becomes easier to understand the methods used for data protection.

Delete and Overwrite

If you are planning IT equipment removal, the first and foremost thing to bear in mind is that you want to fully and permanently remove data from your devices. Unfortunately, hackers tend to find loopholes and are able to recover removed data through illegal means.

Therefore, during the removal of data, you should utilize the numerous tools which assist in overwriting data so that you can have peace of mind when hiring IT equipment removal services.

IT Assets: Backup Your Data

Before removing any essential data from old devices, it is important to upload your data where it is easily retrievable. You might also have to make use of secondary storage devices such as flash drives and hard drives for larger program files.

The method of data backup and storage may differ from one business to another. But one rule all companies should follow is to double-check that all of the important data has been stored properly. Devices such as SD cards and USBs need to be removed from the machines before IT equipment decommissioning.

The process of protecting confidential data can be time-consuming, which is why businesses should make a habit of constantly backing up data ahead of time.

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