How To Choose A Company To Help Liquidate Your Assets

24 Jan 2018
How To Choose A Company To Help Liquidate Your Assets

Making the decision to liquidate your business assets, whether to downsize or get out of debt, is not an easy decision. With that being said, it may be the quickest way to raise the much needed capital or avoid total loss from salvage merchandise – floor damages, customer returns, and samples.

The key to a successful business equipment liquidation is hiring a reputable liquidation sales company, with a vast network of industry connections, to help you get the best market value for your assets.

Here are some factors to help you find a good business equipment liquidator:

1. Willingness To Provide A Fair Market Value

Businesses need the help of a liquidator to quickly find buyers for their excess inventory or business assets. Their usual distribution channels cannot take the risk of stocking products with defects or taking more inventory than usual just because they can sell it at a discount. So liquidators may try to exploit such opportunities by buying the items at a very low prices and selling them off for huge profits.

Credible business equipment liquidators should give you a quote based on a fair, current market price for each item. You need to take into account the cost of shipping to consumers, warehouse storage, marketing, and other costs when negotiating the price.

2. Huge Buyer Base

Big liquidators have the resources to liquidate your assets fast, from marketing channels to a global network of resellers to help you sell your inventory for the best price possible. This may be particularly important for local or regional businesses that only target specific markets.

Liquidators can tap into markets beyond your typical marketing range, across borders and in different continents, making it possible to find a willing buyer for items your regular customers may consider undesirable.

If you need to sell your business equipment fast and at a great price, then finding a liquidator with a broad customer base may be the better option compared to an auction sale.

3. General Liquidators

It is easier to deal with one liquidator who buys and sells all kinds of business equipment and merchandise, rather than multiple specialty liquidators. However, it is important to keep in mind that this depends on the items you want to sell. For a closeout in a specific niche, like footwear, clothing, toys, or home decor, you may choose a liquidator who specialises in those items for the best returns.

Overall, for an entire business liquidation where you need to sell inventory, office furniture, equipment and other business assets, it may be easier to work with one liquidator.

Reducing Your Losses

Business equipment liquidators have the capability to move large volumes of stock at a decent pace with great recovery rates. Unfortunately, business equipment liquidation is almost always a money-losing task so you need to find a liquidator who is likely to keep your losses to a minimum.

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