How Improving Office Technology Can Increase Productivity

15 Jan 2021
How Improving Office Technology Can Increase Productivity

If you are working in an office, then it is likely that you’re continually looking for ways to increase productivity. As roles continue to shift and the workload increases, finding ways to enhance productivity can significantly improve any business type.

Every workplace is different, but they each benefit from one thing: technology. According to Statistics Canada, 77% of Canadians believe that technology helps communicate with other people, and 66% said it saves time. Since both communication and saving time are essential in the workplace, it’s no wonder that companies are using technology as standard practice. Below are some detailed ideas of how technology can increase office productivity.

It Improves Team Collaboration

While in-person collaboration can be useful, with technology, employees have a platform where they can continue to come up with new ideas or ways to solve problems. For instance, note-taking technology has proven to improve team collaboration and is easily accessible for employees. Plus, with technology like Slack and Zoom, for example, they can be readily available to fire off new ideas and put in the extra effort.

It Makes Daily Tasks Much Easier

Technology has a way of minimizing daunting daily tasks that take up too much time or have many steps. For instance, you can use password management tools to make files easier to access, and without having to send passwords repeatedly. Plus, it adds more security and saves valuable time so that you don’t have to track someone down to gather information.

It is More Effective for Conference Calls

With the right technology, conference calls are much more seamless for business meetings. Since conference calls are a breeze due to modern technology, more time is saved, and you can focus your energy on more productive operations. As conference calls are standard for businesses, there are more technological options these days to make the process painless.

It Accesses More Information

For a business to run efficiently, employees need to have access to the information they need. To ensure no information gets lost, some technologies can make the process easier, like VPN networks, file sharing, and more. With the right technology, your employees can provide superior service to your client base, and run into fewer issues or technical difficulties. Plus, you’ll enhance the customer service experience while you’re at it.

It Provides More Flexible Options

Technology provides more variety in an office and options that are more flexible. For example, a company may decide not to use company-specific hardware for work-from-home employees. According to McMillan, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is becoming a more popular option for Canadian businesses, and can lower costs and enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. However, since BYOD can put employees at risk for security and privacy issues, it is imperative to implement the necessary security measures.

When using your own equipment, there is less work for the IT department since it is easier to troubleshoot a device you are more familiar with. Also, technology ensures that employees are more available through video conferencing or team chats.

It Enhances Project Management

Whenever an upcoming project is due, it can be challenging to get organized without technology. With project management apps like Asana, for instance, you can keep track of what each member of your team is doing and set deadlines.

It is essential to have project management run smoothly in any business because if it doesn’t, it can lower team morale and cause more significant mistakes. With project management apps, managers can ensure that the team is being productive and that tasks are being met.

It Makes Working Remotely a Breeze

With the impact of COVID-19, more employees are working remotely. In fact, once the pandemic is over, Canadians will still likely be working from home more as companies have realized that their staff can do their jobs just as efficiently when they’re working remotely.

More specifically, according to Statistics Canada, 25% of Canadian businesses are likely to offer employees the opportunity to work from home post-pandemic, and 14% will make it a requirement.

Working from home has many benefits, including more flexibility, scheduling your own hours, and having a better work/life balance. When employees are happier with their work circumstances, they will be more passionate about their jobs and put forth more effort. For working remotely to run smoothly, technology is necessary so you can communicate effectively with your team and stay on track with your tasks.

It Protects Secure Information

Information security is imperative for any company. A data breach can negatively impact a business and create unnecessary stress. When security issues arise, it wastes time and can burn out your employees, taking their efforts away from more pressing tasks. Types of security breaches include hackers accessing private and sensitive information from your employees or company, or system crashes.

There are many types of technology you can utilize to protect your security. VPN services are a popular option since they protect your information, allowing you to access your workplace’s network from anywhere safely. When you ensure that your security is protected, employees will be more productive and can perform their daily tasks without interruption.

Now that you know some of the ways that technology can positively impact your team’s productivity, you can begin implementing apps and software that will best serve your organization’s purposes.

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