How To Earn Money From Home With Wholesale Liquidation Auctions

16 Jul 2018
Earn Money From Home With Wholesale Liquidation Auctions

Traditional liquidation sales means you want to get rid of your stuff — fast. This is especially true for online auctions where you can make money by flipping liquidated goods.

What is wholesale liquidation?

Big box retailers buy goods in bulk. However, not all of it is sold. To sell these goods, giants like Walmart and Target sell it off to wholesale liquidation companies for a low price so they can salvage returns.

How do I make money?

Let’s assume a premium laptop that costs $2000 is sold at $450 by a wholesale liquidation company. The product is usually still in the box. Now you can sell it for $1500 on Ebay!

Simply make a business account on Ebay and Amazon. Search for a wholesale liquidation company. Buy a “lot” (goods are often segregated in lots by Walmart/Target, they’re named electronic gadgets, beauty products, etc.) at a discounted price. Now sell it off on your Ebay/Amazon account. Easy money.

What You Need to Do:

  1. Do your homework

    Before you buy, check out how much of a discount you are getting. See if there are other people who are selling for the same target price as yours. If the market is saturated, it isn’t a wise decision to go for it.

  2. Buy new items only

    If the tags say refurbished or used, chances are you won’t get a good return. Keep scrolling and hunting until you get find a lot that says “new.”

  3. Get the taxes wrapped

    When calculating price, keep in the mind the cost of shipping and other fees.

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