Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decommissioning IT Equipment

06 Apr 2022
IT equipment decommissioning

Office IT equipment will eventually get old, outdated, or damaged beyond repair and will need to be decommissioned. However, before disposing of these items, remember that hard drives and other storage equipment are essential. They hold valuable data about the company, its activities, and its employees. When it’s time to dispose of your IT equipment, ensure it is done correctly. Ensure a reputable company is hired to help with the IT equipment decommissioning. Also, ensure that common mistakes like these are avoided.

  • Not Backing-up Information
  • Not Categorizing Equipment
  • Not Tracking Equipment
  • Neglecting the Laws
  • Not Contacting an Expert

Not Backing-up Information

One mistake to avoid during IT equipment removal is not backing-up vital information on the device being disposed of. Storage devices used in the office like computer hard drives would always contain essential information about the company. Therefore, it is only right to back it up into an external hard drive before formatting the IT equipment. This way, vital information, and records won’t be lost.

Not Categorizing Equipment

One mistake to avoid during office equipment removal is not categorizing equipment being disposed of. This can cause confusion among staff, resulting in a severe problem at the office. Therefore, it is essential always to organize equipment correctly. It must be done in ways that staff can quickly know what will be decommissioned and what has already been decommissioned. For instance, decommissioned items should be separated from devices still in use. According to its use, each decommissioned item should also be arranged in a specific location.

Not Tracking Equipment

Another severe mistake to avoid is not tracking items to be disposed of during IT equipment decommissioning. It is essential to keep a physical inventory of all the things that are decommissioned. Also, the record for these items should be logged and stored on a hard drive or in the cloud. It should be logged with the date, time, and correct details of the item being disposed of. This even makes the process of tracking the decommissioned items easy and ensures that vital data is not forgotten.

Neglecting The Laws

IT equipment decommissioning should always be done according to the law. Both the local and national should be followed. These laws protect people from identity theft in an event where personal or company data is leaked during the process. Also, neglecting the law can lead to severe punishment from the government.

Not Contacting An Expert

One common mistake to avoid when decommissioning IT equipment is not contacting an expert. If these items are not correctly decommissioned, they could expose the company to cybersecurity risk. To prevent this, it is essential to hire an expert for the process. This way, one can be sure that hackers won’t have access to any cyber information from the devices.

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