Checklist for the Securely Disposing of IT Assets

07 Sep 2022
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Retired IT assets are not something that can be thrown away carelessly. Since IT assets consist of important information regarding the company, it’s essential to dispose of them securely, so the crucial information does not fall into the wrong hands. The following blog covers important ways to dispose of IT assets, especially through tech liquidation.

What Should Organizations Do For Secure Disposal of IT Assets?

1. Keep Track of The Hardware

One way IT assets can be disposed of properly is by keeping track of the hardware. Companies should ensure that there are no pieces of hardware left on the premises, regardless of how small or insignificant they might seem at the start. Computer liquidation services include an accountable and thorough disposal process because even the smallest hardware piece can have important information.

2. Strategize Robust Internal Policies

Professionals who offer computer liquidation in Toronto further recommend reducing the requirement to record personally identifiable information on work-related devices. Policies like these need to be strictly followed in companies in order to prevent stakeholders from leaking sensitive and confidential data. Organizations should promote data management and provide strategies to limit the tampering of key data.

3. Work With The Right Vendor

There’s no point in having great internal policies or a clear disposal process if the company does not work with the right vendor. The vendor needs to be extremely trustworthy when it comes to proper asset disposal. Data can be easily breached and stolen if the vendor is not right. Hence, whether the company decides to work with a tech liquidation or IT equipment company, companies need to make sure they are working with a trustworthy vendor. The best vendors are those that have a clearly-defined asset disposition process and follow the governmental regulations when it comes to data handling.

4. Estimate Valuation

With asset disposal comes a monetary turnout. Companies can capitalize on their IT assets smartly and earn. One way to do so is to check the value of the IT hardware from a couple of places in the market and find the best average. In this way, vendors are less likely to quote a price that is lower than the market. A good evaluation can help in making an informed decision about the IT asset.


IT assets are quite important for companies because they have sensitive and confidential data of not only the company but also its clients and employees. If the assets are not disposed of properly, the information can land in the wrong hands. Get in touch with Michaels Global Trading if you want to sell your surplus inventory and equipment in a safe and secure manner. Contact the representatives of Michaels Global Trading today.

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