Certified Appraisals

Our professional appraisers help you put the right price on your assets including machinery, equipment and personal property. We offer an analysis of your assets and inventory with an accurate overview at the manufacturing, wholesale, or retail level.  We are committed to continuous education for our appraisers in order to remain up to date on any changes that will affect your appraisal.

We will review your personal situation and make the recommendations that will suit your needs. Appraisals can be based on:

  • Forced liquidation value (auction) – This brings you the best bidding price at auction which is equal to about 25 cents on the dollar of fair market value (FMV).
  • Orderly liquidation value (OLV) – If you need to sell items within 90 days this process provides 50 to 70 cents on the dollar of FMV.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) – This is the full price sale based on our appraisal.

Our certified appraisers work with you to ensure we understand the details of your project. After our initial consultation, our site visit will assess your fixed assets and/or inventory to determine their age, condition, and functional and economic obsolescence. Our certified team will then perform a thorough analysis of the necessary management and inventory reports. We will review pricing information looking at multiple sources such as equipment journals, online publications, used equipment dealers, and of course our own auction and liquidation archives.

Certified Appraisal

You will receive a full report of the appraisal process covering the estimated value of your fixed assets and/or inventory. Appraisals take several factors into consideration including general market conditions, marketability and timing issues, technological issues, and market trends and prices.


Why do I need an appraisal?

Some commons reasons for an appraisal are mergers & acquisitions, business valuation, bankruptcy, financing & SBA lending, insurance, buy and sell agreements or partnership dissolutions.

What can I expect in my appraisal report?

Majority of appraisal reports will have equipment values and a synopsis of how the appraiser came up with the values given.

How long does an appraisal take?

That depends on several factors; first, how much equipment is being appraised. Appraising a large machinery shop with hundred’s of pieces will take significantly longer than appraising a small mom and pop business.

How much does an appraisal cost?

Every appraisal is different and has specific requirements. The cost is directly linked to the scope of work involved.

Is there an exact value to my assets?

The simplest answer is no. There are many factors that affect the value of your assets. Some examples would be market conditions, supply and demand, age, condition and location.

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