Commercial and Industrial Facility Equipment Liquidation

Today, success in the market highly depends on how businesses can keep up with constantly changing industry standards and the evolving customer experience. For commercial and industrial facilities, a huge part of the required upgrades has to do with employing the latest, most advanced equipment in their operations.

Professional Warehouse Liquidation in Canada

With constant equipment upgrades, however, comes with the need to discard and dispose of ageing and malfunctioning equipment to increase operational efficiency. Michaels Global Trading specializes in liquidating general equipment used in commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses. From disposing of commercial and industrial processing equipment to finding the right buyers, our team takes care of the transition to new and advanced warehouse equipment with minimal disruption to crucial operations.

Equipment Liquidation Services

Equipment handling is at the core of every facility reorganization, upgrading, downsizing, or relocation, and Michaels Global Trading is here to enable a smooth transition for your business. Our warehouse equipment liquidation services cover dismantling, packing, and preparing decommissioned equipment for shipping. This professional-grade liquidation also accounts for quality assurance through careful inspection and repair or reconfiguration of equipment to suit the requirements and purpose set out by buyers, ensuring customer satisfaction in the process.

Our team is expertly trained to strategically handle and liquidate decommissioned commercial and industrial equipment, including:

  • Racking
  • Packaging
  • Forklifts
  • Pump trucks
  • Cubicles
  • Conveyors
  • Processing equipment
  • General administrative equipment, such as desks and chairs used in support offices.

Michaels Global Trading is committed to supporting a hassle-free business reorganization process and a seamless transition to new equipment and upgraded operations, promoting expansion and growth in the process.

warehouse liquidation

Liquidation and Decommissioning Process

Decommissioning and liquidation services allow your business to maximize your return on investment in old equipment by providing you with generous cost savings that can be utilized in growth and expansion initiatives.

Michaels Global Trading provides expert decommissioning and liquidation services to ease the transition to upgraded equipment and systems. Our team achieves this by matching your decommissioned equipment with the right buyers, with the goal of getting a fair value for your investment. This is possible through our vast network of clients always on the lookout for top-quality, affordable, and usable equipment to support their own ventures.

Our goal is to make both businesses liquidating equipment and new owners of these decommissioned tools and supplies satisfied and certain of maximum operational efficiency resulting from the transition.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Fair Value

Business owners in the market for decommissioned and liquidated equipment place a premium on affordability above else. Their goal is to score a deal on decommissioned, but usable equipment, which you can provide. Our team assesses the condition of the equipment and provides a fair, market-value appraisal that informs the liquidation value. With a fair value that provides generous returns on investment and affordable equipment, all parties are happy and satisfied at the close of every deal.

High Quality

Despite their decommissioning and liquidation, marketable equipment comes with a high-quality guarantee that ensures a fast and fair sale and buyer satisfaction. Michaels Global Trading conducts a quality assurance test of all equipment up for liquidation before putting them on the market to ensure good condition, maximum usable life, and increased productivity for the next user.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Decommissioning old equipment in commercial or industrial facilities often results in waste materials that need to be properly disposed of to maintain safe operations. But discarding equipment alone is not enough — rather, sustainable, eco-friendly waste disposal is of paramount importance in businesses today.

Michaels Global Trading is committed to eco-friendly cleanup practices in every decommissioning and liquidation project. Our team works to reduce the amount of waste discarded by offering equipment refurbishing and reconfiguration, which maximizes their usable life, rather than immediate disposal in landfills. We also guarantee safe and efficient removal of debris and other excess materials to prevent the spread of toxic waste that can result from decommissioning and discarding ageing equipment.

  • Maintenance of accurate and up-to-date inventory of decommissioned and liquidated equipment, allowing for detailed tracking of discarded, reconfigured, and refurbished equipment
  • Disposal of older, unrecyclable equipment with the help of scrap metal and junk removal services
  • Donation of unsaleable equipment and furniture.

Operational Efficiency

Our liquidation and decommissioning services are designed to enable a seamless transition to the use of upgraded equipment that supports your modern business. This allows you to do what you do best — focus on business and maintaining operations, while our team takes care of decommissioning and liquidating your old equipment to make room for system upgrades. We help you achieve this without additional or hidden fees.

Specialized Logistics and Cargo Management for General Equipment

Commercial warehouse and industrial tools and equipment are designed with special handling, packaging, transit, and installation requirements which only a specialized decommissioning and liquidation service provider can satisfy. With specialized logistics and cargo management arrangements, all types of general equipment can be precisely accounted for during decommissioning and liquidation, all the way to setup and installation.

warehouse logistics removal

Trust the Experts to Handle and Relocation of General Equipment

Michaels Global Trading specializes in decommissioning and liquidating general equipment that is the backbone of every commercial and industrial operation. Our mission is to enable a smooth transition and ensure that it is business as usual as your facility upgrades to a new system and the latest, most advanced equipment. Our guarantee is industry-grade handling and protection of liquidated equipment to ensure a sale at fair market value and operational efficiency achieved through optimal function as these equipment enjoy a new lease with new owners.

For more information about decommissioning and liquidation of general equipment at the core of every commercial or industrial operation, call Michael’s Global Trading at 888-902-7531or contact us here to get a quote.


What is manifested and unmanifested?

Manifested inventory outlines quantities, SKU’s, sizes and any other important details of the inventory. Unmanifested inventory has no details.

How do liquidators work?

Liquidators work one of two ways. One being, liquidating the inventory and assets from the sellers premises via auction / private sale or buying the assets outright and removing them from the premises to sell on their own accord.

What are liquidation items?

Liquidation items can be anything that can be sold from a business to generate cash flow. Examples would be furniture, computers, machinery, vehicles, fixtures etc.

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