Office Filing Cabinets Liquidators

Michaels Global Trading will help your company or organization get the best value from liquidating your office furniture cabinets, workstations, desks, and seating. We actively purchase office filing cabinets for sale or arrange for the sale of industrial file cabinets for businesses looking to downsize or close their doors.

Office furniture cabinets are fast moving products because companies are always looking for ways to store their papers and files and keep their workspace clean and organized, at a discount. They don’t really need new filing cabinets if they can find high-quality used ones for sale.

Some of the most common office filing cabinets for sale include:

Horizontal File Cabinets

Also referred to as lateral file cabinets, this office furniture gives you a wide filing system that can carry both letter and legal sized paperwork. They usually have two drawers that can only be opened one at a time, to maintain stability. They are available in different colors, styles, brands, and materials, including wood, metal, veneer and laminate.

Vertical File Cabinets

For businesses with limited floor space, vertical file cabinets can be the ideal file storage solution to capitalize on vertical spaces. They also come in many different colors and materials so your buyers can find just the right industrial file cabinet for their space and environmental conditions.

Mobile File Cabinets

These are designed to fit under desks for optimal space utilization below your workplace. They are fitted with casters that allow convenient transportation from room to room.

Flat File Storage Cabinets

These compact storage solutions are ideal for the safekeeping of large documents such as drawings, blueprints, maps, and artwork.

Side Tab Filing Systems

These are mostly used in medical facilities where documents need to be readily accessible. They come in a wide variety of styles, but usually don’t have a door. Their strong construction makes them ideal for storing large amounts of documents.

Card File Storage

These are mostly used in institutions and libraries that need a safe and reliable way to keep house index cards. They are specifically designed for card catalogs and come in different sizes to suit the application.

Wicker Filing Cabinets

If you are looking for an unconventional way to store your files and documents, you may consider a wicker filing cabinet. They can be used to match the decor of the surrounding areas.

One-drawer Cubes

These provide a great storage solution for offices with minimal paperwork or documents to store. But if you find yourself in need of extra storage space, you can always buy more, gradually, and stack them on top of each other to create your custom filing cabinet.

Mesh File Cart

Featuring see-through mesh material, these file carts are open all round for full-visibility of your files and documents at all times. They also have trays for storing your office stationery.

Contact MGT for Office Filing Cabinet Liquidation

No office furniture liquidation job is too small or too big for MGT. Call us if you need help liquidating your existing office furniture cabinets. We will arrive promptly and give you a fair value for removing all your office filing cabinets that are for sale.

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