Office Furniture Liquidation Services

Michaels Global Trading specializes in office chair liquidation services for companies and organizations in Toronto that are re-organizing, downsizing, or relocating. Our full-service specialists are always ready to assist in the removal of all brands and types of office furniture and equipment.

Worried about selling your used office furniture for fair value?

office furniture liquidation

Finding buyers for used office chairs and desks are not nearly as hard as you imagine, but getting a fair value requires patience and a vast network, such as the one that MGT has. Our office chair liquidation marketing tactics are usually targeted at prospects looking for:

Affordable Office Furnitures

Funding a new business is not easy, and the prudent business owner usually tries to save as much of their capital as possible. Office furnishing is one area that you don’t really need new items. Business owners know they can get high quality, undamaged office desks, and chairs at a fraction of the price.

Top-quality Office Furnitures At Low Price

Ergonomic chairs and desks have become the norm in the office, but they usually come at a much higher price. Rather than buying new, low-quality office desks and chairs, businesses can invest the same amount to buy nearly-new used office chairs on sale that offer exceptional comfort and ergonomics for greater productivity.

Faster Delivery

It can be frustrating when you have to wait for weeks or even months before top-notch furniture becomes available, plus you have to account for shipping time. With our global network, we can easily match used office chairs and desks for sale with clients looking for office furniture urgently, while providing prompt sale and delivery.

Unique Styling

Buying used office furniture gives you the opportunity to try different styles and layouts that the previous owners were using. For instance, you can easily find used office furniture cubicles that provide an open atmosphere that makes it easy for employees to collaborate. Conversely, you can buy an office desk with cubicle dividers to reduce distractions. Buyers have a unique opportunity to create a conducive environment for their workforce, with a bit of influence from the previous owners.

Eco-friendly Furniture Liquidation Services

With a heightened focus towards creating a sustainable work environment, some businesses are looking for quality, used office desks and chairs to keep them from ending up in a landfill.
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As experienced office furniture and equipment liquidators, we leverage our global connections to help you get rid of your used office desks and chairs for sale in Toronto in a way that gives you a fair value. Some options to consider include:

  • Selling your used office furniture cubicles to furniture restorers or remanufacturers who are happy paying for old furniture so they can repair it and sell at a higher price
  • Donating office chairs that are not re-sellable to local charities
  • Selling old office desks to businesses that deal in recycling and scrap material
  • Disposing of any unwanted office equipment in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner

Our office chair liquidators will help you find the right buyer who’s looking for the exact office chairs and desks on sale, especially in terms of size and aesthetic value.


What’s the difference between a furniture broker and a furniture wholesaler?

A furniture broker will connect a seller of furniture and a dealer that purchases stock and collect commission for the sale. A furniture wholesaler buys large lots of furniture and resells in small lots to other dealers and end users.

How does office furniture liquidation work?

The seller of the office furniture sends out a request for quotation from various liquidation companies. The seller usually has prepared details such as photos, quantities and timelines prior to reaching out to liquidators. Depending on the scenario of the liquidation the seller can expect to have the furniture sold from the premises via auction / private sale, purchased outright and removed by the liquidator or incur a charge for removal.

Can liquidating office furniture be used as a tax write off?

Donating furniture and also depreciating the furniture / assets against what was originally paid can help with tax write offs. For legal purposes it is best to consult with an accountant.

Do I need to disassemble my furniture in order to liquidate?

Disassembling your office furniture is not needed because liquidators like to see the condition of the overall pieces being purchased and it ensures all dismantled pieces are kept in order.

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