Medical Equipment Decommissioning and Liquidation

Medical equipment is crucial to life-saving care and healthcare management. Today, as healthcare options diversify, patients are always on the lookout for leading medical advancements rendered in prime locations that they can easily access. As a healthcare provider, you will want to get ahead of this and transition your practice to the latest industry standards and provide excellent and accessible patient care using the latest equipment.

Michael’s Global Trading specializes in handling, decommissioning, and liquidating medical equipment to support advancements in the delivery of patient care using the latest, highly specialized medical technology. Our mission is to help modernize healthcare through the disposal of old medical equipment and finding the right buyers for them, while aiding in the transition to new and advanced technology with minimal disruptions to crucial patient care.

Medical Equipment Liquidation

Leading medical technology is at the forefront of modern, excellent healthcare. To effectively utilize this, healthcare practitioners need to periodically assess and transition to the latest equipment. This assessment is also crucial for practices gearing up for expansion, relocation, and reorganization — all of which are aimed at connecting with more patients and ensuring holistic, reinvigorating medical care.

Michael’s Global Trading offers decommissioning and liquidation services for medical practices. These include dismantling, packing, and preparing decommissioned equipment for shipping, while providing a satisfactory quality assurance guarantee through careful inspection and reconfiguration of equipment to suit the requirements of buyers. Our decommissioning and liquidation process abides by the highest safety standards, ensuring proper handling of medical waste and a smooth transition to leading healthcare practices.

Michael’s Global Trading expertly decommissions and liquidates the following medical equipment:

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment, such as x-rays, MRI machines, ultrasound machines, mammography machines, and CT scanners
  • Patient monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Hospital beds
  • Operating tables
  • Defibrillators
  • Incubators
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surgical equipment, and more

Liquidation and Decommissioning Process

Decommissioning and liquidation services serve two types of facility owners; for healthcare practices just starting out or geared at providing basic medical care, purchasing liquidated equipment at a discounted rate provides generous cost savings, while still supporting the delivery of basic and immediate treatment. For larger healthcare practices, periodic liquidation of medical equipment is crucial to providing leading and highly advanced patient care. The sale of older equipment then provides cost savings that can be utilized for practice growth, facility expansion, and research initiatives.

Michael’s Global Trading expertly decommissions and liquidates old medical equipment, promoting a seamless transition to an upgraded system and urgent delivery of medical care. Our team matches decommissioned equipment with a vast network of healthcare practitioners looking for top-quality, affordable, and usable equipment at a fair market value. Our goal is to ensure that both the practice liquidating medical equipment and the new owners enjoy maximum satisfaction and operational efficiency resulting from the transition.

Fair Value

Medical practices in the market for decommissioned equipment place premiums on both affordability and optimal function to provide accessible basic care. Their goal is to close a satisfactory deal on decommissioned but still usable equipment that can aid in their mission to provide urgent medical attention, particularly to those in need. To achieve this, our team assesses the condition of the equipment and provides a fair market value appraisal that informs the sale value. The goal is to strike a balance between generous returns on investment for sellers, while utmost affordability for buyers.

High Quality

Medical equipment is the backbone of modern healthcare. That’s why Michaels Global Trading conducts a quality assurance test of all equipment up for decommissioning prior to liquidation. This ensures a fair sale and buyer satisfaction, while supporting productivity and accuracy of medical professionals employing the diagnostic and therapeutic function of the refurbished or repurposed equipment.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

Decommissioned medical equipment requires proper handling to avoid exposing practitioners, patients, and staff to safety hazards, such as medical waste. The goal is to properly dispose of unsalvageable tools and safely handle reconfigured equipment in order to promote proper healing and recovery in your facility.

Michaels Global Trading is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly waste disposal practices while placing primary importance on the safe handling of medical waste. Rather than outright disposal of decommissioned and slightly damaged or malfunctioning equipment, we offer refurbishing and reconfiguration services to salvage them for potential use in basic and urgent medical treatments. Throughout the transition, we also guarantee the safe and efficient removal of debris, chemicals, and other medical waste materials to prevent the spread of toxins that can pose safety hazards to patients.

  • Maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of decommissioned equipment that tracks their status from repair or reconfiguration, all the way to sale and installation
  • Disposal of older, unrecyclable tools and equipment while adhering to safety standards
  • Sanitation of equipment prior to liquidation, as well as that of the removal and installation sites for patient safety

Expert Handling of Medical Equipment

Michaels Global Trading commissions and liquidates medical equipment to support advancements in patient care through system upgrades, while ensuring continuity of basic and urgent care in smaller facilities through the use of reconfigured equipment. Our mission is to enable a smooth transition to new medical equipment and accompanying medical standards in order to promote better healing and recovery of patients under your care. Our services are designed to allow you to focus on your patients, while we upgrade your practice and install the latest equipment that supports medical care and leading innovations.

For more information about decommissioning and liquidation of medical equipment in line with the latest innovations in healthcare, call Michaels Global Trading at 888-902-7531or contact us here to get a quote.


Does medical equipment have to be sterilized before liquidation?

Yes. This will eliminate any spreading of harmful diesases or bacteria.

Does software have to be provided for medical equipment liquidation?

For the most part yes. There is some medical equipment in the market that require special software to operate. If that is not provided, the equipment can become useless.

Does medical equipment that can’t be liquidated get donated?

That depends on the type of equipment. Donating equipment can be the last course of action if it cannot be resold in our current market or exported overseas.

Do medical equipment liquidators usually sell to international buyers?

60% of the time when medical equipment is being liquidated, it gets exported to international buyers where their markets have not yet come to speed with North American technology.

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