Electronic & Tech Liquidation Services

Michaels Global Trading offers professional and hassle-free electronic & tech liquidation services for your surplus or used electronics. Our specialists are with you every step of the way, helping to expedite disassembly, packing, removal, and transport of all your equipment for sale to our electronics surplus warehouse so you can vacate your commercial space without delay.

Electronic & Tech Liquidation To Fit Any Need

In your business, you cannot afford to simply discard old electronics or auction off surplus inventory just to get that part out of the way. You can turn your surplus or outdated electronics into assets that generate positive cash flow for your business rather than liabilities that use up your valuable space.

But to get the best value for your electronic products, they need to:

  • Look good – As electronics liquidators, we have seen all kinds of used electronics equipment, some that are as good as new and others poorly maintained. Many potential buyers, such as pawn shop owners, quickly separate the ‘treasure’ from the ‘junk’. If your items look very old and worn out, their value will obviously drop. In some cases, you may need to consider donating them if the refurbishers think that rejuvenating the electronics will be too much work.
  • Work properly – If electronics don’t work, their value drops depending on the cost servicing or part replacement. When liquidating, you may not have the time or funds to repair your electronics. So the quote for your items will be given for the item ‘as is’.
  • Have all the essential parts – It is not unusual for very old electronics to need replacement parts, but it makes a difference if they’re actually available with the item. Accessories such as cables, manuals, remotes, etc. increase the perceived value of the item and boost the price offered.
  • Have the necessary paperwork – No serious used-merchandise dealer would want to be in possession of stolen property. Before your electronics can be accepted for sale or resale, you must be able to prove ownership by providing the receipts and a photo ID.

What Our Electronic & Tech Liquidators Offer

As electronics equipment & tech liquidators, we offer value-added services for commercial and industrial clients, helping you liquidate the specific items that you want to get rid of. Just call MGT when you need help turning redundant equipment occupying space on your shelves into a money-making commodity.

With our global network, we can find customers from any part of the world for your electronics surplus as it waits in our warehouse. Moreover, we can liquidate your excess electronics inventory or laboratory/medical/aerospace equipment using a consignment. Our specialists will negotiate a fair market value for your surplus or outdated electronics to maximize your returns as you free up your warehouse space to move your merchandise faster.

Sell Your Surplus Equipment Today

Keep in mind that the resale value of used items decreases with time. So the longer you wait, the lower the market price. We’ll give you an accurate quote of the market value of your equipment and offer fast payment so you can reinvest the capital, settle your debts, or put those funds to other meaningful use.

To request a quote, please Contact our team directly.


Can you liquidate non-functioning electronics?

Yes. Some non-functioning electronics can be used for parts or scrap value.

What kind of electronics items can be liquidated?

Majority of electronics can be liquidated. Quantity and quality are the main factors liquidators considered when liquidating electronics.

What conditions of electronics can be liquidated?

Brand new electronics to scrap electronics can all be liquidated and sold at a different price points in the marketplace.

Can you only liquidate electronics of specific brands?

No. However, electronics that are branded tend to hold a lot more value than unbranded electronics.

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