Construction Equipment Handling, Decommissioning, and Liquidation

As urban centres continue to grow and the demand for long-lasting, space-saving and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure multiplies, construction equipment also constantly evolves to meet the demand for building new and innovative structures.

For construction firm owners, upgrading to new equipment means discarding old ones in favour of stronger building and load-bearing capacities of nWeew construction tools and supplies. Michaels Global Trading aims to support upgrading and modernizing initiatives by providing decommissioning and liquidation services for construction equipment. We help construction firms innovate the way they build and the equipment they use with minimal disruption to crucial operations — keeping it business as usual in this ever-changing landscape.

Construction Equipment Liquidation Services

From multi-purpose retail and lifestyle complexes to condominiums and corporate offices, the structures you build are just as good as the equipment you rely on. This translates to a periodic need to upgrade equipment and decommission old ones in favour of evolving building practices and standards.

At Michaels Global Trading, our mission is to facilitate a smooth decommissioning and liquidation process by carefully dismantling, packing, and preparing equipment for transport to new owners, while supporting your transition to new and advanced equipment. Our professional equipment handling services include quality assurance inspection and repair or reconfiguration of construction equipment to increase resale value and support the needs of new owners, ensuring customer satisfaction in the process.

Our construction equipment handling team is trained to expertly decommission and liquidate construction equipment, including:

  • Dozers
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Excavators
  • Scrapers
  • Backhoes
  • Cranes-Dragline
  • Forklifts-Manlifts
  • Compactors/Rollers
  • Cable Plows
  • American Augers
  • Mixers
  • Heavy Haul Trucks
  • Other heavy equipment

Liquidation and Decommissioning Process

Decommissioning and liquidating old construction equipment allows your firm to stay up-to-date with the latest building practices and industry standards, culminating in smart and innovative designs and client satisfaction. By selling your old equipment to smaller firms and parts suppliers, your firm also recoups capital investments made towards acquiring new equipment to support further growth and expansion.

At Michaels Global Trading, our decommissioning and liquidation services are designed to ease the transition to new construction equipment. This process involves matching your decommissioned equipment with the right buyers, with the goal of getting a fair value for your investment. We make this possible by cultivating a vast network of clients looking for top-quality, affordable, and functional equipment. Our mission is to provide a seamless transition to new equipment for both businesses decommissioning old pieces in favour of upgrades, and smaller firms repurposing older technology.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Fair Value

Decommissioned construction equipment can be refurbished, repurposed, or sold as spare part replacements, providing affordable alternatives to smaller firms and customers looking for small upgrades to their equipment catalogue. Michael’s Global Trading begins the decommissioning and liquidating process with an assessment of the equipment and provides a fair, market-value appraisal to inform the resale value. The goal is to strike a balance between recouping your investment, while maintaining affordability for secondhand equipment owners.

High Quality

Decommissioned and liquidated construction equipment still needs to be functional in order to be sold and used in smaller projects. A good quality guarantee ensures a fast and fair sale, as well as buyer satisfaction. To achieve this, our team conducts a quality assurance test of construction equipment prior to liquidation, ensuring good condition, long usable life, and increased productivity.

Refurbishing and Reconfiguration

Decommissioned construction equipment can still be valuable and useful with the right refurbishing and reconfiguration. For smaller firms and parts replacement stores in particular, older construction equipment can still be utilized to support operations, resulting in increased productivity. For sellers, refurbished and reconfigured equipment increases the resale value, allowing you to recoup your capital investment.

Our construction equipment refurbishing and reconfiguration process includes:

  • Dismantling, assembly or reconfiguration, and installation of newly operational equipment
  • Tune-up of equipment, including repairs, re-upholstery, and refinishing as necessary
  • Dismantling of equipment and reselling as replacement parts.

Specialized Logistics and Cargo Management for General Equipment

Construction equipment is designed with specific handling, packaging, transit, and installation requirements to prevent damage and ensure proper function in the field. Michaels Global Trading offers specialized logistics and cargo management arrangements to effectively handle construction equipment and account for them throughout the decommissioning and liquidation process, all the way to setup and installation at the base of their new owners.

  • Essential moving supplies, such as transport equipment and protective coverings are provided
  • Instant pickup and delivery to minimize operational downtime for both buyers and sellers
  • Debris removal, eco-friendly cleanup, and refurbishing or reconfiguration for proper and minimal waste disposal and effective liquidation to new owners
  • Moving trailers equipped with load bars, logistics straps, and specialized transport equipment for large construction tools and equipment.

Trust the Experts

Michaels Global Trading expertly decommissions and liquidates construction equipment, allowing you to leverage new and advanced equipment for innovative building projects, without having to worry about disposing of older technology. Our decommissioning and liquidation services are designed to enable a smooth transition and keep it business as usual — or better — as your firm upgrades to the latest in construction technology, while other firms can repurpose the older equipment or their parts for their own ventures. Our process guarantees industry-grade equipment handling and resale at a fair market value, promoting operational efficiency through quick turnaround times and optimal function of high-quality equipment and parts.

For more information about decommissioning and liquidation of construction equipment at the core of every modern building and design project, call Michael’s Global Trading at 888-902-7531or contact us here to get a quote.


What is a liquidation pallet?

A liquidation pallet is a term to describe a pallet of merchandise. This can be a pallet of retail merchandise, tool pallet, sports goods pallet and so on. Some liquidation companies specialize in selling merchandise by the pallet load.

Is there any heavy equipment that is not able to be liquidated?

No. Most heavy equipment can be liquidated if it is in working condition.

Where is my equipment stored during liquidation?

That all depends on the type of liquidation strategy agreed upon. Equipment can either be sold from the sellers premises or removed and stored at the liquidator’s warehouse.

Is there an assurance of sale or price when liquidating construction equipment?

Normally we make an offer to purchase the construction equipment outright and our offer is either accepted or countered. An assurance is usually given when goods are going to auction or on a consignment deal.

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