Computer Equipment Liquidators

Computer equipment liquidators at Michaels Global Trading can help you get the most value from your surplus or unwanted office electronics. Whether you are planning on updating your office computers, downsizing, relocating your business, or raising some capital from your company assets, our professional computer liquidators in Toronto can help.

Used Computer “As Is”

As computer liquidators in Toronto, we buy and sell your surplus or used laptops, personal computers, Macs, and associated hardware without adding or detracting from them. We may help you find resellers who will buy your old computer and refurbish them if we don’t pay for them directly, ourselves.

The best value for your office computers largely depends on their current condition and the buyer. For instance, you may get a better price when selling directly to a new company looking for used computers for their office at a bargain, compared to selling to a reseller who intends to improve it and then sell it for a markup.

Either way, our expertise in the business is unrivaled. With a global customer base, we can liquidate your computers fast and at a fair price.

computer equipment liquidators

How We Can Help

Some of our clients think that their computer equipment is outdated and worthless. However, what one company considers obsolete may actually be a viable option for another company looking to perform basic computer work – without running advanced applications.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when considering computer liquidation in Toronto:

  • Don’t assume that there’s no one interested in your old computer equipment. Even if there are no buyers within Toronto, MGT has a global network that will help you find a willing buyer and make the sale at a fair market value.
  • Be realistic about the item pricing. Even if you are selling brand new surplus computer equipment or used parts, it is highly unlikely that you will get what you paid for them. But you can expect to get the fair market value of the item when working with MGT. When evaluating the pricing, consider things like shipping or transport, warehousing, marketing, competitive or alternative products and so on.
  • You can sell incomplete systems that are not fully operational. Factors such as a dead laptop battery, damaged DVD ROM, cracked screen, damaged charger, burnt power supply, fried hard drive, do not mean that your computer cannot be sold. Keep in mind that there are resellers who buy, refurbish and resell computers, or just use them for spare parts. We will help you get a fair market value for your computer equipment as it is.

Toronto computer liquidation is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to get rid of old and surplus computers. Our policies for the disposal of harmful materials related to information technology are clearly outlined for our clients who may be concerned about how we are going to dispose of computers that don’t find buyers – we recommend donating and recycling depending on their condition.

We have been helping all sizes of businesses with all aspects of office equipment and furniture liquidation, and believe that we can get you the best market value possible.


Do I have to wipe the data off my computer equipment before liquidating?

It is highly recommended to wipe all your data off your computers before liquidating. It is not advised to liquidate any equipment with sensitive information.

What is computer equipment salvage?

Salvaging computer equipment invloves sifting through piles of old or outdated electronics thrown away to see what has scrap value / resale value.

What is eWaste?

Electronics that can be used for refurbishment, resale or material recovery that have been discarded are considered e-waste (electronic waste).

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