What does Michaels Global Trading do?

We provide professional appraisal, auction and liquidation services throughout North America.

Do you provide free consultations?

Absolutely! We always provide a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience. The consultation involves discussing your unique needs and best avenues for liquidating surplus inventory and assets.

What type of inventory and assets do you appraise?

We provide appraisals for retail merchandise, office furniture, computer equipment, warehouse racking and equipment, restaurant equipment, construction equipment and medical equipment.

If there is a category of assets we do not have experience with we will let it be known and recommend an expert within our network.

What kind of auctions does your company hold?

We previously held on site auctions for many years but with the advancement of the internet we conduct all of our auctions online. This provides two main benefits – it reduces overall costs and allows the auction to have a wider buyer reach.

We have a business that has a mixture of furniture, racking and miscellaneous products. Can you liquidate everything?

Yes! In the liquidation industry this type of situation is favourable as there are many resale avenues and multiple different products to attract many different buyers. Conducting an auction for this type of situation brings a good ROI for a client.

Why should we use your decommission services versus a moving company’s services?

The main advantage we have over a moving company when it comes to performing a decommission is that we built relationships with a large pool of dealers and donation centres that take truck loads at a time.

This means we are able to resell and donate a large portion of the project thus decreasing the overall decommission price the client needs to pay.

Does your company remove old furniture and electronics?

Yes we can. We have recycling programs in place to properly and efficiently dispose of your old office furniture and computer equipment.

Do you cater to residential and commercial inventory and assets?

Unfortunately, we only service the commercial sector for appraisals, auctions and liquidations.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured. Our company carries a $5,000,000 general liability and WSIB coverage.


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