What does Michaels Global Trading do?

We help businesses manage their assets and inventory through auction and liquidation sales. We service mom and pop establishments up to Fortune 500 companies looking to sell their assets in a timely manner.

How is liquidation different from auctioning?

Liquidation sales involve selling business assets in a well-organized manner, usually over a long period of time, to maximize the item value. For instance, with industrial liquidation in Toronto, you should expect the sellers to review multiple offers and negotiate prices to reach a higher amount that is as close to the market value as possible.

Auction sales are the exact opposite because they happen very fast, from the setup of the items to the auction and finally, the clean up. While you can get rid of surplus inventory or business assets relatively quick, auctions rarely sell for the expected value. The item’s selling price depends on the competition among the bidders. Higher demand drives the price up.

Should I liquidate or auction?

Both liquidation sales and auction sales will help you recover assets. Your decision depends on your specific business needs. If you are targeting a specific buyer and don’t mind waiting to get the most favorable deal, you can choose to liquidate with MGT while your assets remain in our liquidation warehouse in Toronto. But if you need a quick recovery with little regard to the selling price, then an auction sale might be what you need.

What is the typical process for a liquidation in Toronto?

The first step for any business that is looking to liquidate, whether due to closure or downsizing, is to find a reputable liquidator in Toronto. You may be referred to MGT by one of our previous clients, find us through an online search for equipment liquidators in Toronto, or we can find you through your posting on a classified site.

We will then collect as much information as possible about the items you intend to sell through email, telephone, and other means available to you. The information we seek includes your location, manifest, photos of the items, deadlines, and so on.

If your business is local, we will set up a meeting to view the assets and collect other useful information to help us create an estimate quote, such as the types of assets, quantities, condition, and so on. If your business is not local, we will reach out to our existing network of buyers who may be interested in the assets you’re looking to sell. Either way, you will be sorted.

When we’re satisfied with the assessment of your assets, we will make an offer to the seller. After negotiations, we’ll make the payment.

In some cases, we may opt to broker the deal, so we get one or more buyers for your assets, or even sell the deal to another liquidator for a finders fee.

The final step is to organize the logistics of removing the assets we have purchased or brokered from your warehouse or premises.

Where does the liquidation process take place?

All of this is done onsite at the seller’s location or over the phone if they are not local.

Why should I choose MGT?

Our differentiating factor is our speed to have a business liquidated and premises cleared.

For example a business went through bankruptcy in Whitby, Ontario and they had office furniture, warehouse equipment and other consumer goods. They had offers on parts of the deal, but they wanted to deal with one company to get everything sold at one time. They chose us because we made a fair offer and could take the available assets off their hands within a week’s time!


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