What does Michaels Global Trading do?

We provide professional and reliable relocation, removal and liquidation services. We tailor our services for commercial and retail businesses of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on the speed in which we communicate with our clients and potential clients. We are known to respond to inquiries and schedule on site quotes within 1-2 hours of initial contact.

Can you relocate or remove our office furniture after hours?

Of course! We accommodate any time that works for our clients.

What do you do with the office furniture when you remove it?

We have programs established when we conduct office furniture removals. Old wood and metal furniture get recycled through some of our dealers. Office furniture that is in good condition and marketable will be resold or donated within North America.

Would you purchase all the contents in our office?

Absolutely! As long as the office furniture and computer equipment are up to date and in good condition we won’t hesitate making an offer to purchase all your contents.

We have a mix of good and bad furniture for removal, can we sell some to you?

To help a client recoup some of the cost of their decommission we place a value on the furniture we know we can resell therefore bringing down the cost of the overall job.

Example: 100 cubicles need to be removed and the client has 100 chairs to match that are in good condition. We would put a price that we would pay for the chairs and subtract it from the cost of removing the 100 cubicles.

How do I select the right moving company?

A reputable office moving company will have a web presence and reviews to match, will be licensed, will be insured and should be able to provide you an accurate cost for your move.

How much notice do I need to give a mover to book a moving date?

A moving company can accommodate most moves with at least two weeks notice. However, well ran moving companies can sometimes accommodate last minute moves depending on the time of the year and circumstances of the job.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured. Our company carries a $5,000,000 general liability and WSIB coverage.

Do you provide on site estimates?

Yes! We always provide a free, no obligation on-site quote at your convenience. We always like to see our potential job before giving quotes to avoid over or under charging our clients.

Can you remove old office furniture?

Yes we can. We have recycling programs in place to properly and efficiently dispose of your old office furniture.


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