How do I safely wipe out all the data from my IT equipment before I get it removed?

You can remove the hard drive and destroy it or you can pay a certified destruction company to do it for you.

How do large companies recycle electronics?

Most large companies have contracts in place with recyclers where they fill a bin on-site and its either picked up on call or checked on a monthly basis.

How do you responsibly dispose of old electronics?

97% of old electronics can be recycled for scrap value.

Where can do you donate used office furniture?

There are many places to donate used office furniture. Habitat For Humanity is one of the biggest in the GTA.

How much do you tip for furniture removal?

Tipping is up to the client’s discretion.

What happens to the old furniture from my office space decommission?

We normally have 3 avenues for old furniture. It can either be resold domestically or internationally, donated or recycled.

What’s involved with office space decommission?

The first step is completing a walk through to get a detailed inventory and photos of what is to be decommissioned. The second step is to evaluate what has resale value or scrap metal value then subtract those numbers from the overall cost of the decommission. This process saves the client some money. After the quote is finalized another meeting takes place to discuss timelines, expectations and any other pertinent details. The movers then execute what has been planned by both parties.

Do all moving companies that offer transitional management solutions provide end-to-end office space decommission support?

Not all moving companies provide end to end support. Office space decommissioning is more than removing furniture and equipment. Sometimes it involves buying remaining assets to help the client balance out the cost of a decommission service.

What do I need to look out for in my commercial lease before going through with office space decommissioning?

The number one thing you should look out for in your commercial lease when decommissioning an office space is how the property management wants you to leave the space once vacated. There is a common term used in this industry called “landlord ready”. This means the space should be completely emptied – removing everything from the walls and ceiling and having the floors broom swepted.

What are the costs associated with liquidating my company?

If you’re selling your assets to a liquidator then there are no costs that you will incur because liquidators normally pay the seller and organize all logistics for removal.

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